Saturday, May 26, 2012

Three Legged Dog

There's lots to write, and I am WAY to lazy to write it all.  Jodi says I have to write about our Long Beach Aquarium trip....waaaaa! When we used to have separate blogs, we could both write about mutual trips, or I could just post a link from my blog to hers that described the trip (I am a slacker). Jo says we have to take turns on mutual trips now since we share a blog. Sigh. 

For starters though, Dusty is doing really good. She is actually sitting on the couch with me right now. I took a half a day off on Tuesday and picked her up from the vet that afternoon. As an afterthought, I stuck her leash in my purse, assuming this was wishful thinking, because she probably would have to be carried out. When I got there though, I was surprised! Immediately, the receptionist pulled out her iPhone and showed me a picture she had taken of Dusty. In the photo, Dusty was standing, and she looked like she was grinning! The receptionist and the vet tech told me that as soon as Dusty woke up from her surgery, she was walking around and barking. They had already walked her on the leash several times. The vet tech went over her recovery and medications for about 20 minutes, and then they brought her out. She RAN to me! It was an extremely lopsided, gimpy run, but I was absolutely stunned and delighted. Dusty was SO happy to see me there, her little tail was thumping and her whole body was shaking. Here's Dusty:

The cone around her head is to prevent her from biting her sutures. So far, I think the cone is irritating her more than the missing leg. She has to wear it for two weeks. We put her in the t-shirt because she started scratching her stitches with her hind leg.  Other than that, I just have to give her pain medication and antibiotics every day. I am trying to potty train her too, but this is difficult right now since the cone prevents me from rubbing her nose in know....and the missing leg prevents me from being stern with her. 

So....the Aquarium trip... It was FUN, and we saw a lot of fish.

P.S Jo, cut me some slack, I have had a few glasses of wine! I will write more later!


  1. She's absolutely adorable. I'm so glad she's doing well!!

  2. Thank you Kristyn! I am very relieved!

  3. Thank you Sho for that very eloquent description of our day in Long Beach (translation: You damn slacker)!

  4. I know I know! I am a crummy blogger roommate!


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