Sunday, May 6, 2012

Weekend Fail

This weekend was a big flop!

Jeremy had a dentist appointment for himself and Samantha yesterday, and they were supposed to return home around lunch time. I stayed home with the other kids, but Dylan and I were hoping we could all go bowling when they got back. Jeremy was scheduled to get a wisdom tooth pulled, and Samantha was supposed to get a baby root canal. Well the wisdom tooth wouldn't come out, so they had to slice and dice Jer's gums and cut out the tooth piece by tiny piece. After having his gums filleted like a halibut, Jer was in a lot of pain. Samantha refused to let them do the root canal, and actually swatted the dentist's hand away every time it got close to her mouth. So she has to go back in two weeks, and if she refuses again, they will have to refer us to a dentist who can knock her out with general anesthesia (if I don't knock her out myself).

When they finally got home, Jer's Novocain was wearing off, so I rushed to Rite Aid to fill his Codeine prescription. That took over an hour to fill. When I got back, I found out we probably reached the annual $3,000 max on our dental, so I either have to wait until next year to get my own dental work done or fork over the cash. I could probably wing it another year, but I'm a little worried about a tooth that hurts sometimes on the bottom left. As long as it doesn't get any worse... Anyway, we ended up not doing ANYTHING that day, because Samantha was in trouble, and Jer was under the influence of narcotic pain meds.

Sunday we decided to go get lunch and do a little shopping. The day was off to a good start...We picked up Cass from her friend's house, drove to Ontario, and had lunch at the Olive Garden (the Parmesan crusted steak is really yummy). We dropped my car off at Sears for a routine oil change. I had a tire with a slow leak, so Jer asked them to check the tire out as well. That is when it turned bad...We ended up paying $580! It turns out I broke the actual wheel underneath the tire (I'm not sure HOW I did seems like I am hitting things all the time). We had to replace TWO tires and the wheel. Jer tried to tell me the new tires and the wheel are my Mother's Day present. Yipee, just what I always wanted.

Speaking of Mothers Day presents....what I DO want is pretty simple, because I'm a simple kinda girl. I just want a new 70 inch high definition flat screen television. I am willing to settle for a 60 inch though.

Since the weekend was so crummy, I want to end this on a high note (which means an anti-joke):

What's large and white, and will kill you if it falls out of a tree?

A refrigerator.