Thursday, May 17, 2012

Goodbye Fizzyjo

I just lost my domain name.  I know it's silly, but I'm having a hard time with it.  My domain name has become something personal to me, and I'm feeling so dejected that it's no longer mine.  The whole thing is so jacked up.  I had my domain name set up to automatically renew on May 15th.  For some reason, it never renewed.  This morning, at 4-something a.m., someone purchased it.  Now when you go to, it's some loan company.  To make matters worse, I had a following on fizzyjo.  It took nearly three years of blogging to actually create a web presence, but now when I switch to a new domain, it's all going to be gone.  There is no way for others to find me, unless they are a personal friend of mine. 

I don't even have the will to blog right now.  I know I'll get it back eventually, but right now I just feel so discouraged.  Even this entry I'm about to post has nowhere to go.  I have no domain name.  I guess it's just going to float around somewhere in the empty spaces between all of the real domains.


  1. Who did you purchase your domain name through? Although the domain name has expired, sometimes the registration date will be extended because the domain provider will try to sell it before releasing it back into the pool. In the meantime, they will put a placeholder page on the site that only looks like someone registered it.

    I register my domains through Namecheap and had one expire before I could pay for an extension. When I contacted them, they let me buy it back. Contact the registrar and see what they say. If the domain is truly expired and no one has purchased it (meaning the registrar is just holding it), it will usually be dumped back into the pool about 45 to 90 days after the date of expiration.

  2. Hi Devi,

    My domain name was purchased through The ad that is currently on fizzyjo does look a lot like a placeholder, so I was hoping that it hadn't actually sold (as you suggested). Unfortunately, I contacted the company, and it did indeed sell. I can't believe it went so fast. Like you, I had a previous domain expire a long time ago (except I purposely let it expire), and it took months before my website was replaced. But fizzyjo was snatched up in less than a day. The frustrating part of it all is it looks like the party who purchased it are just "holding" it right now. It's hard to see your entire blog replaced with one generic ad.

    Thank you for your suggestions!


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