Thursday, April 19, 2012

Midnight City & Storybook Love

I've been in a writing frenzy today (I'll explain another time), so I'm officially out of steam as far as writing a decent entry is concerned.  But I'm going to cheat like I always do when I'm suffering a blog-inspiration drought and post a song (maybe two.  Yeah, let's go with two). 

This first one came from my sis.  She periodically messages me with songs to download that she thinks I'll like, and I love this one.  I don't know why I love it so much.  It's pretty bizarre.  Plus it probably doesn't help that the video features creepy little kids with super-powers and glowing eyes. 

Anyone else wondering what the hell is wrong with those kids?*  Anyway, this next one is the opposite of creepy.  I adore the movie The Princess Bride, and the end-credits song (Storybook Love) is so darn precious.

I almost followed this with "Damn I Wish I was Your Lover", until I realized how obscene those lyrics are (Damn I wish you were a slightly cleaner song).  That would have been like following a Shirley Temple with a tequila-chaser.

(*After I published this post, I watched the Midnight City video again, and I have to admit, I really like it--minus the glowing eyes at the end.  The video plays out like a miniature movie, complete with interesting plot).


  1. I LOVE Midnight City so much! I really love the video too, glowing eyes and all. I hope you didn't watch the video for the Gotye song I suggested weeks ago. It has almost ruined the song for me. I have a couple new downloads for you...I'll get back to you on those!

  2. I only watched the first thirty seconds of the video and then turned it off, so luckily the song hasn't been ruined for me yet! I'm really picky about music videos. If I have even the slightest suspicion that the video is going to ruin the song for me, I'll turn it off FAST.

  3. You should check out "The Naked and Famous" same style of musicians and really great songs. One of my favorites, "Girls Like You" and "Frayed".


  4. And " jilted lovers"

  5. Ooooh, I'm definitely going to check those out Jewls. Thanks!

  6. Jojo, I fell in LOVE with another song in the last couple of days (in addition to the ones I posted on your FB). It's called "Titanium" by Davit Guetta, ft. Sia. Watch it with the music video...the video has that supernatural "Midnight City" vibe. :)

  7. I watched the video Shan and LOVED it. Compelling story line and powerful song--definitely adding that one to my iPod.

    Jewls, I really enjoyed the songs you recommended, too! My favorite of the three was "Girls Like You"--even though the lyrics made me a little squirmy. I'm for-sure downloading that one to the iPod too.

    1. I'm so glad you liked the songs! I have to admit most of the time I'm a big lyrics fan, but with this band not so much. I like the music and sound of the band more than anything. I especially like the harmony in jilted lovers. I actually have to google the lyrics because most of the time I can't understand what they are saying. I think you will be pleased with almost all the songs on this album! I'm listening to it right now and it's driving the ball and chain insane! Lmao!

  8. LOL--if only our hubbies adored the same music we do!

    I'll admit, I'm always drawn to the music/melody FIRST, and the lyrics are more the icing on the cake. I'll tolerate rather mediocre lyrics if the song has an awesome melody/beat/vibe. But I actually really loved the lyrics of "Girls Like You", they just made me squirmy because...well, quick analogy: Sometimes people feel uncomfortable or "exposed" during church services because it feels like the pastor is talking directly to them or about them during his sermon (even though he isn't). The lyrics of that song make me feel a similiar way.

    Off topic, but loved your Dicaprio. ;)


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