Sunday, April 29, 2012

It's me....Shannon!

Here is my first post! I kinda just want to get it over with because I feel some pressure to make it special or meaningful or...SOMETHING when it....just isn't. As Jo said, we will be sharing a blog now. I am delighted with this. If I start to slack off, Jodi will still be posting, so I don't have to feel guilty for blog neglect (knowing Jo, she will probably start texting me telling me to get my ass back on this thing as well). If I forget my username/password or get kicked out of my blog (all which has happened recently), Jodi can help me get back on, since I am retarded when it comes to computers. And Jodi's eloquent, entertaining posts will hopefully make up for my lazy, half-assed posts. I think my favorite part of it though is just that sharing this blog helps to keep my sis and I more engaged in each other's life, since we both get pretty busy sometimes. By the way Jo, how MUCH profanities can I use on this? And am I allowed to post inappropriate pictures? Can I bash mutual acquaintances? And when are you going to change this terrible blogger template?!


  1. I'll e-mail you the official rule book later Sho. I'm pretty sure you can find guidelines regarding profanities and bashing mutual acquaintences on page 92, section four, subsection twelve (under the heading "Jodi's Always Right").

    As far as the template, I hate it too! Let's play "Who Hates it Most Chicken" and see who finally caves in first and changes it.

  2. That's easy: you win. I still haven't bothered to purchase winzip, so I can't change the template! All I can do is bitch about it.


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