Sunday, March 11, 2012

I Love/Hate Blogging

I know, I know, I need to post something this week.  But I just don't want to!  *stamping feet*  To be fair, I've written three different posts in the last few days.  But then I deemed each one as inappropriate for the world wide web and deserted them.  Stupid public blog. 

Yeah, that's all I got for now.    


  1. Jojo, I can't log into my blog! Can you and Clint help me? It says my email address is no longer valid or something, but it won't give me the option to change it.
    I will probably text or FB message my log in and password for blogger if you have a chance to look at it. :)

  2. Oh no! I just got home from work, but I'll take a look at it.

  3. Shan, your e-mail is showing as not even registered with blogger. Is (how do I put this)...someone with your access info who would have motivation to shut you down? The only other thing I can think of is your putting in the wrong e-mail address, but that doesn't seem likely. Here's a more detailed link to guide you into getting back on blogger again:
    I would personally go with "My account got hacked", and follow those steps. I'd go through the steps for you, but I don't have access to your e-mail.

  4. I think it is something with my school email address. Blogger kept telling me I needed to change my email when I would go to log in, but there was a "change it later" option I kept clicking on. I think they were trying to warn me, but I guess I thought I could click on the "change it later" option forever. Thanks for the link! I will check it out tomorrow when it isn't almost midnight. :)

  5. Hey Jo and Sho - have the two of you ever heard of calling each other? Kidding

    Jodi, I take occasional breaks from my blogs. Sometimes I'm into it. Other times, not so much.

    The whole public thing spooks me sometimes too. I have synicated it and then noticed some posts on FB that I really did not want all of work to see, so I stopped that quickly. I write about a lot of personal things and don't worry too much about it because most of my readers I do not know, and the others I trust.

    I have gone back and forth with this dilemma. Is blogging a good idea or a bad one? I still have no answers, but I am very careful in the interim.

    Enjoy the break, lady!

  6. Niecy, Shan and I aren't really phone people. LOL

    I once syndicated my blog with FB, and that lasted only about two posts. I didn't like it at ALL. I love blogging, but I've discovered that I'm definitely more of a private blogger.

    I have an idea for you that makes the decision to blog a really easy one, but I'll talk to you about it in person.


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