Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Glitter in the Air

It's getting late and I really need to go to bed.  My student-teacher will be taking over my classes tomorrow, so I have a busy day of sitting around doing nothing that I would really love to be well-rested for.  I know, your heart goes out to me.

My list of things I need (or want) to blog about is about a mile long now.  If the damn thing was actually a physical list and not a mental one, I think I'd shove it down the garbage disposal.

Other than the lassoing of the moon and "calling me sugar" (she sort of lost me there), I adore this song by Pink.  It normally isn't my style of music...too slow and mellow for my taste.  But the lyrics are so gentle, and pretty, and nostalgic. 

Okay, here goes another feeble attempt to go to sleep.  One of these days I might actually post something of substance.  I wouldn't hold your breath though.