Monday, February 13, 2012

Bulls Eye Shooting & Paradise

I don't have much fodder for a post today, but I still wanted to touch base with my blog real quick.  I also realized I'm not entirely sure what "fodder" means, so I'll be right back....
fod·der/ˈfädər  Noun: Food, esp. dried hay or feed, for cattle and other livestock
Hmmm...I don't think I'm using that right.  Oh well, moving on.

Friday night Teri and I attended a bulls eye pistol-shooting class.  The class required participants to shoot 22 pistols, which are normally incredibly easy to work with because they're lightweight and have virtually no kick.  But we had to shoot them one-handed, and that is a skill I have never practiced before.  I guess I've never seen a need for it, considering if an intruder were to break into my house, I'd have no problem pelting his ass with bullets using BOTH of my hands.  Anyway, I figured as beginners we'd get to start off with targets maybe twenty feet away, but nope.  Our coaches rolled our targets fifty feet away.  With my blurry contacts, I could barely even see it.  But the range officer was really reassuring, telling me that as long as the bullets went "THAT way" (pointing downrange) and "not THAT way" (pointing to the spectators), then it was all good.  All in all, the class was so incredibly fun.  Each woman participant was assigned her own personal coach, and the coaches were very patient and funny.  The actual shooting was very regimented and took place in five timed rounds.  By the end, we had to be able to shoot five shots in ten seconds with one arm (ideally hitting said-target).  Oh yeah, the coaches also fed all of us girls dinner first so we wouldn't have to shoot hungry. Way cool.

Other than that, I've spent this weekend painting, working out, running errands, and watching movies with Clint.  Oh, we've also eaten sushi about four times this week.  I'll be blaming Becky when we go bankrupt because we can't seem to curb our addiction for the stuff, since she was our original sushi-enabler.

This is Trinity's all-time favorite song, and I promised her I'd put it up on my blog so she wouldn't have to keep hunting it down on YouTube.  I don't care for lyrics on screen (I like to listen to the words, not be accosted by them), especially when they write out each 'oooh' and 'lalala', but she loves singing along with songs, so she picked this one out.  Here you go, Trin.  :-)

My favorite line: "I know the sun must set to rise."

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