Sunday, January 8, 2012

The End of Winter Break and Cameos

Three quick things. 

First, I'm fighting off the blues right now because I start back to work tomorrow.  I'm excited to see my coworkers again, and I do miss some of my students, but I'm dreading the heavy work load, the grading, the deadlines...all of that stuff.  It'll all be fine once I'm back in the rhythm of things, but having three weeks off gives you that little taste of paradise, and it's depressing to give that up.  Plus I'm definitely not looking forward to my alarm going off at 6:00 a.m. tomorrow when I've been staying up until 2:00. 

Second, I'm suddenly attracted to cameos.  It started two days ago because I'm painting a small cameo necklace into the project I'm working on for my mom, so I google-imaged a few of them to use as a reference.  Looking through the various images, I started to feel intrigued by these little pendants.

Isn't that pretty?  Well, I guess the woman's silhouette isn't exactly pretty.  She looks "handsome" at best--but still...I love the vintage look of these things.  Here are two more:

That last one is a little morbid, but I still sort of like it.  It's like victorian meets goth.  These are all cheapy ones, by the way (I looked them up on e-bay).  I'm not sure how much a real cameo would cost, but I think I might look it up just for the fun of it.  Assuming that there is a such thing as a "real" cameo...didn't they used to be made out of bone, or ivory, or something?  Think I'll look that up, too.  Not tonight though.  Tonight I have to get lessons and such ready for tomorrow.  Blech. 

I had a third thing I was going to talk about, but I just looked at the time and realized it's after 11:00, so I better go get everything ready for work tomorrow.  Have I said blech yet?