Friday, December 16, 2011

Thoroughbred Street & Goodbye

Aside from the United Airlines dilemma (which we are actually starting to lose sleep over), the last couple of weeks have been crazy fun.  On Wednesday night we went to a hockey game, which was a blast.  Hockey games are awesome to watch in person, but added to the thrill was the fact that we went as part of a private party through Carey's work.  Not only did we have the preferred balcony seating, but our party had an attached suite with our very own bar, pool table, all-you-can-eat food/drinks, and so on.  Not to mention there were attendants all over the place taking care of our every whim.  It's going to be tough going to a regular hockey game in the future after experiencing the high life.  I'm going to be like, "Huh?  I actually have to pay for these nachos?!"

Last week we went to a Christmas party down the hill (again, through Carey's work).  It was awesome--the food was delicious and the people there were so friendly and upbeat.  I remember I couldn't stop laughing the whole night.  At around 8:00 p.m., everyone from the party walked down to Thoroughbred Street to check out the neighborhood's famous Christmas lights.  Here are a few pictures, but obviously they don't do these displays justice.

Okay, I have to stop now before I end up plastering all 36 of them on here.  It was cool, because a lot of the neighbors were actually on their lawns, selling coffee, hot chocolate, and other treats.  And all the spectators were so festive and so much in awe.  I'd love to do this again every year.

On Sunday night we met Alana at La Casita for dinner to say our final goodbyes.  It felt bittersweet, but I think I held it together pretty well.  I just kept reminding myself that I was trading a really great local friend for a really great long-distance friend.  Alana will probably kill me for posting this, but here is the Christmas card she gave us when she left:

I had to post this, because Alana's words on the card sum up everything I feel about her, Matt, and the boys.  But I have to say, as far as goodbyes go, the whole thing was a really positive experience.  I think it's because we have every confidence that distance isn't going to be a deal-breaker for our friendship. 

I'm still not caught up on everything I wanted to write, but this entry's getting on the lengthy side, so I'm going to go play Just Dance now and take a bath. 


  1. I hated saying goodbye to my friend Rose in Washington! I cried so much. But since I have left we talk almost every weekend and she has been to visit as often as possible. We even met up in Vegas one year. That trip was both of our firsts and it was an absolute blast! We danced all night and ate prime rib every day for breakfast lunch and dinner! Even though she is terrified to fly she has flown down to seen us a few times since I left. She is our family too! The type of friend that would hawk everything she had to help us if we needed it... Hold onto Alana's friendship and don't get discouraged when you guys are too busy to talk on the phone, she sounds like the type of friend that can pick up where you left off despite the distance and time between meetIngs! Those are the BEST FRIENDS! ;)

  2. Thank you Jewls! Your story about Rose actually gives me so much encouragement. It's so hard to come across a really good friend, so (as you know) losing that person feels a little heart-breaking. But if you and Rose can make it work, despite the fact that she lives all the way in Washington, then I'm sure Alana and I can do the same. Your time in Vegas sounds amazing...and prime rib 24/7 sounds pretty damn ideal to me. :-D That's cool that you have someone like Rose to share those experiences with.

  3. Goodbyes are the worst - THE WORST! I try not to say good bye ever...
    I love that you have a street you can go and see blocks of awesome lights. My dad did our house enough that people would drive by and one year someone tried to steal some lights. Not Griswold by any means but he was an electrician so borderline..

  4. Hi Amy! Yes, I agree, goodbyes are the worst. My friend Alana actually refused to say goodbye because she feels the same way you do, so she settled with "See you later."

    I WISH we had this street in our neighborhood, but it was actually about a 45 minute drive. I can't believe someone tried to steal your Christmas lights in the past! Gee, 'tis the season.

    My dad is an electrician too!


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