Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Who's the Biggest Loser Here?

Did you know that if a man reduces his daily calorie intake by 15%, his brain goes into starvation mode, resulting in a severe drop in the production of testosterone?  And that this, in turn, can deplete the man's sex drive? 

I only bring this up because Clint has been on Nutrisystem for nearly two weeks now.

I am DYING here.  I don't need ...that, per say, but I'm craving physical affection so much right now that I'm about to start cuddling with strangers off the street.  



  1. I had no idea that was the case. I wonder if it works that way for women, too? Maybe it will balance out in time and he'll be cuddly again? Fingers crossed!

  2. I responded to this comment DAYS ago, and it disappeared! I must've forgot to hit the "post comment button" or...something. Arghhhh. Anyway, what I said is that the article I read never said anything about women, but I imagine that if the brain thinks it's starving, it's going to reduce the production of anything that is "extra" and not necessary for human survival. Would estrogen fall into that category? I'm not sure.


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