Sunday, November 27, 2011

Entertaining Hillbilly Style

Yesterday Alana and I had plans to meet for lunch, but she brought along a surprise visitor:  Matt!  He had spontaneously driven up from Northern California for the Thanksgiving weekend, and he decided to crash our lunch with a surprise visit.  It was awesome.  After lunch, we all headed back to our place.  Now keep in mind that we hadn't planned on entertaining company, so...some of our activities included:

Relaxing on the the middle of the lawn

Attempting to take 70's vintage photos

Playing the keyboard on the porch in the dark
(I'm sure the neighbors loved Matt's rendition of Bad Romance)

Playing peek-a-boo through the window

Dancing machismo-style

And staying warm
(have I mentioned yet that this in the dark, in the middle of a lawn?)

We also played Just Dance "Club Style."  That's where you turn out all the lights, turn on some laser lights, and try to follow the dancers on the screen with your Wii remotes, but people keep jumping in front of you with their own impromptu dancing and it really jacks up your score.   I can get an official rule book if anyone's interested. ;-)  Luckily no one took the time to capture this particular event on camera (thank God).  Here are a few more random pics (I just love the first one):

I'm not sure what happened with that last picture, but I sort of like all of that alien-green.  Alana took most of the pics from last night (which is why she's only in one of them), and she has this interesting little app on her phone that makes the photos look like 70's era Polaroids.  That's why several of these photos have the white border around them, and/or the warmer colors.  I might have to hunt down this application for my own does a great job of capturing those good ole' nostalgic hillbilly moments.

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