Saturday, November 19, 2011

Done with Floors and Dream Couch

Our flooring is done!  We also replaced our old couch and loveseat with new ones.  Here are some pics of our new living room:


I love the new floors!  They make the whole house feel more airy.  I'm also thrilled with the new couch and loveseat, which is good, because they were a pain in the ass to find. The problem is I wanted something lighter in fabric to brighten up the room, but it also had to be made from durable, pet/kid-friendly fabric. Plus I wanted something pillowy (spell check is throwing a hissy fit over that word)...basically a couch that feels like a giant marshmallow.  Clint's wish list included built-in recliners, so that made our ideal couch even more difficult to find.  We went to six or seven different furniture stores to find what we were looking for, but ultimately had to special order this one to get everything we wanted.  The fabric is microsuede, so anything that spills on it wipes right off.  There are two built-in recliners in both the couch and the love-seat (four total), not to mention two cup holders and a built-in center console that's big enough to store two full-size laptops.  I'm not kidding, this thing is our dream couch.

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