Thursday, November 17, 2011

Curling up in the Kitchen

Yesterday I had one of those days where you come home feeling like pureed jello.  It's been a fun week, but my club's Top Turkey fundraiser has eaten up all of my prep periods, and has been a lot of work.  During seventh period I was counting down the minutes until work was over...I felt so mentally drained.  On my [ridiculously short] drive home, I kept imagining how great it would be to plop down on my couch with a cup of Earl Grey and watch some mindless TV.  But when I entered my house, said-couch wasn't there.  I followed it's trail to this location:

Yep, that's my couch.  In the kitchen.  Clint had taken another day off to do some more work on the floors, and he made amazing progress, but not without a few inconvenient side-effects.  With nothing better to do (TV was unplugged and crammed on dining room table), I posted the following status on facebook:
My living room migrated a little. It's all good though, cuz now if I get thirsty, it's a mere arm's reach to the sink. And if I get cold, I can just turn on the oven.
I did still enjoy my cup of tea.  And the fluorescents provided great lighting to chill with a book.

Today the living room is back to normal, which is sort of nice because if I decide to take a little cat nap, I no longer have to curl up between the dishwasher and stove.  I'll post pics this weekend, once we have all of the trim back on the walls.


  1. For some reason i have no problems picturing you reading in your kitchen. Just don't lean to close to the stove and catch your hair on fire because i could picture you doing that too. lol

  2. As long as I get to keep the other half of my eyebrows, it's all good. ;-)


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