Friday, October 28, 2011

Still Busy "Not" Celebrating Halloween

After all of the Halloween festivities last weekend, my brain has convinced itself that Halloween is over.  But NOPE--it goes on...and on...and on....(aren't those song lyrics?).

Today was Halloween dress-up day at work, so I went through my growing collection of costumes to try to find something dress-code appropriate (yes!  It's from that one song that says "I throw my hands up in the air sometimes, saying ayyy-ohhh, gotta let go...sorry, I'll get back on topic now).

Luckily I found a Roman empress costume that I had bought on clearance last year.  It was SO comfortable.  It felt like wearing a sheet. 

Tomorrow we are dropping Elijah off at a birthday party, and then taking Trinity to the annual trunk-or-treat classic car show.  My dad has a gorgeous '55 Ford Fairlane which he pimps out for this event every year, and it's fun hanging out with my parents while the kids run around getting candy.  After trunk-or-treating, we have our Family Theme Night with Clint's family.  I think I mentioned this already, but this year's theme is "carnival."  I'm really not crazy about this theme.  Circus/carnival related characters make me feel uncomfortable.

On Halloween itself, I have to work, but I'm staying after school to carve pumpkins with Avid (one of the clubs on campus).  That night, I'm thinking we should just stay home.  For a family who supposedly doesn't celebrate Halloween, we sure have a lot of...well...Halloween type things going on. 

Unrelated, but Clint finally finished his tattoo today!  It is really something.  His arm is still raw, but tomorrow I should be able to get a good picture of it to post.


  1. Love the costume!! When I worked at the Halloween store I desperately wanted one but I am too damn tall for the good costumes!

  2. No way Jewls, those long sexy legs are perfect for all the "good" costumes!


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