Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Rambling on about Whatever

I already posted today, but I'm feeling really chatty and have no outlet for it right now.  I'm just going to ramble on about whatever.

This week was Red Ribbon Week, which translates to our school doing a series of themed dress-up days to celebrate.  It's fun, but I always feel like my wardrobe is being hijacked for a week.  By the time it's over, I'm feeling pretty eager to wear my normal work clothes again.  Monday was "Twins/Teams Day," where the students and staff are supposed to dress like each other, or wear their favorite sports team shirt.  I just wore my normal clothes and told my students that I didn't need to dress like a twin since I really am a twin.  Boring, I know.  But it was Monday.  No one wants to go all out on a Monday.  Tuesday was "Hawaiiin Day,"  so I wore a hula skirt and a cheap blue lay.  That last sentence didn't sound right.  It was probably the use of the words "cheap" and "lay" in the same sentence.  Wednesday (today) was Crazy Hair Day.  I wore bright green extensions in my hair.  They were pretty cool.  Tomorrow is "Smurf Day."  I guess we're supposed to wear a bunch of blue.  Friday is "Red Hot Day." where we wear a bunch of (you guessed it) red. 

Last night I met Becky for dinner at La Casita.  She had texted me, apologizing for the short notice but asking me if I wanted to meet after work for a quick bite to eat.  I have to admit, I felt a tiny bit nervous; only because the last time I met up with a friend for a spontaneous meal, it was so Alana could tell me she was moving.  But thankfully Becky didn't have any earth-shattering news; she just wanted to have dinner with a girlfriend.  It was really nice.  Becky's life is so overwhelming, so it always leaves me feeling touched when she takes the initiative to meet up with me.  I think reaching out might be hard for her, especially since her past friends have had a tendency to do a lot of "taking" without giving in return. 

Complete change of topic, but I have had a hell of a week dealing with animal control.  I mentioned that Cricket had puppies.  Well, our other dog, Calzaghe (pronounced Kal-zoggie--I know, it's a mouthful, but he came to us with that name) is the one who sired those pups.  Last week when we took his new puppies and Cricket to the vet, he escaped the yard.  This has never happened before.  He is a really good dog and never runs off.  But he had never been alone in the backyard before, and apparently he freaked out.  So animal control picked him up about a half a block away from our house while we were at the vet.  The problem?  They refuse to let us bail him out without neutering him first. This wouldn't be an issue except for the fact that he's a pure-bred, AKC registered Pembroke Welsh Corgi whose puppies are worth about $600 each. 

We showed animal control his AKC paperwork, but it didn't matter.  Not only are they making us pay $175 to bail him out of the pound, but they are also making us pay for his neutering.  Everything totaled comes to $285.  Almost $300!  We're essentially buying our dog back, but minus his assets.  I tried for a week to save my dog's balls (never thought I'd say that particular sentence) and even took the issue all the way to the City Manager, but it's a city ordinance and just can't be bent.  So at 8:30 this morning, Calzaghe was neutered.  I am so very very frustrated.  I do totally understand that rules need to be in place to avoid over-population of animals, but this whole thing just seems so harsh considering it was a first time offense.  And I think it should be illegal to neuter a papered pure-bred against the will of the owners (not to mention make them pay for the unwanted lopping),  That's like damaging personal property to the point of rendering it worthless.  Even if the property still has sentimental value (as is the case with a pet), it no longer has monetary value.  What gives the city the right to take that away?

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