Sunday, October 9, 2011

Edge of the Ocean

Shannon and the kids came over today.  We had a great visit!  I'd write more about it, but I have absolutely no creativity today.  I took one look at my painting this morning and just instinctively knew that if I attempted to touch it with a paint brush, I'd have to scrap the whole thing.  I tried working on my manuscript for over an hour, but the only thing I added to it was one line on chapter four that says "Blah blah blah" (literally, that's what it says).  And now I can't even form the words for a decent blog entry.  Yet here I am, attempting one anyway.

"At the edge of the ocean, we can start over again...".  I love those lyrics.  I should say more about this song, but...well...yeah.  Zero creativity. 

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