Monday, September 26, 2011

Pumped Up Kicks

Me and Trinity made up a dance to go with this song a few weeks ago.  As you can imagine, it involves a lot of kicking.

So Trinity came to my after-school tutoring session, and this song came on the radio.  Of course I blasted it, and Trinity got up and started doing our dance.  Another student, Joshua, got such a kick out of it (no pun intended) that he quickly joined her.  Then another student, Alicia, jumped in.  Pretty soon, almost my entire tutoring class was up in front of the classroom, bouncing and kicking like pros (and of course I had to join in, cuz it was MY dance, after all).

My door was propped open, so if anyone happened to walk passed room 405 while all of this was going on, I can assure you that the weird kicking/jumping/line dance thing we had going on was directly related to the language arts curriculum.  My tutoring methods may seem a little unorthodox, but they never fail.  Just don't ask me for details on that one.

On a side-note, strange lyrics for such a catchy song! 

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