Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Honey I Blew up the Bunny

It's starting to become a running joke amongst our family and friends that we own a petting zoo.  Which is weird to me, because I honestly don't feel like we have a bunch of animals.  In fact, when you first walk into our house, you're pretty much greeted with a nice, relatively clean home with very little evidence of pets.  But if you start a deeper exploration, you'll eventually find:  Two dogs, three cats, two rats, one desert tortoise, one tarantula, one lizard, one sheep, and a pond full of fish.  This list doesn't include the intermittent bugs that Trinity raises, such as the two June bugs we housed last month, the basket full of praying mantises, and the tank full of slugs.  Yeah, I guess we have a few pets.  So I guess it shouldn't come to any kind of surprise that we picked up one more this weekend.

It all started a few weeks ago, when Trinity was reading her Kids National Geographic magazine, and she showed me a picture similar to this one:

Initially I thought that this must be some record-breaking freak-of-nature bunny.  But as I read the article, I discovered that this is just a normal breed of domesticated rabbit.  The rabbit above is called a "Flemish Giant," and they are ALL this big (google it and you'll see what I'm talking about).  For me, it was love at first sight.  I did some research and learned that they are very easy-going, lovable pets, and easily litter-box trained (never mind the fact that their litter box is the size of a car).  After extensive research, I decided I had to have one.  The logical side of me was screaming out "No, no, BAD idea!  What are you going to do with a giant rabbit?  You already have too many pets!"  But the child in me told it "Shut up, I'm getting that bunny."

So for the last few weeks, Clint and I have been on the hunt for a Flemish Giant.  As you can imagine, they are not easy to find.  We were thinking that we might even have to drive out of state to get one.  But then Clint's sister called us yesterday with the news that an online listing for two six-week-old does had suddenly showed up in Glendora.  We of course drove down there, and the rest is history.  Here's our new bunny (she's the one on the left):

She rode on Elijah's lap all the way home.  You can see that at six weeks old, she's already almost the size of a full-grown rabbit.  

When we got back up to the desert, we realized we had no supplies for a rabbit.  The pet stores were already closed, so we swung by K-Mart.  Having nowhere to put her, I took her right into the store with me.  It's a pretty cool social experiment to walk into K-Mart with a rabbit in your arms.  Most people were mildly curious about her (including the workers), but for the most part, didn't act overly surprised or concerned.

We don't have a cage for her yet, but she's already doing such a great job using her litter box, I don't think we'll ever bother with one.  Plus imagine the size of cage it would take to house her once she's full grown!  I took her to my mother-in-law's house this afternoon, and she rode right on my lap while I was driving.  She is such an adorable, sweet and docile little thing.  The only downfall is I don't care for her name.  I wanted to name her either Sunkist or Tabitha, but the kids and Clint voted on "Pumpkin."  I think Pumpkin is adorable, but I have reasons for not wanting it for our rabbit.  Unfortunately I was out-voted, so Pumpkin it is.  I'll be sure to post another update in eight months when I'm pulling my hair out because a monstrous Pumpkin is chewing up my laptop cords and terrorizing my house.

As far as rationalizing yet another pet, I'll just close with a quote I heard recently on How I Met Your Mother.  
"Some mistakes you just have to make."   


  1. Lol!! Pumpkin! I can't really tell what color she is. I had a rabbit once, not quite as big, my dad gave it away because it pooped all over the house. I was four or five and it devastated me. Good luck with that gargantuous pet! Can you imagine all the lettuce it will consume! It looks like something out of a Monty Python film!


  2. Yep, Pumpkin! Sound familiar at all? *Sigh* Oh well, I'm sure your Pumpkin won't mind having a giant bunny named after her. ;-)

    How sad that you were forced to give up your childhood pet. I'm actually surprised that your rabbit had accidents all over the house. Even if they're not litter box trained, they're supposed to go in only one spot.

    Is it sacrilege that I've never seen Monty Python?

  3. Yes it is! Now you should write it on your bucket list!

  4. I've been meaning to comment since yesterday, but every time I sat down to try something would come up (pesky students, how dare they want to talk to me during my office hours, pfft!). That is one HUGE bunny. I was telling the girls I share an office with that a friend got a giant bunny and showing them pictures. They were slightly aghast at how large that bunny is! Heck, I'm slightly aghast at how large that bunny is. Also, when I move home, I am coming to see that giant bunny. While I think my dog would probably torment a bunny, and so wouldn't have one, I am totally coming to see yours! :D

  5. Okay Jewls, I'm convinced! I'll add it to my bucket list, right beneath "Riding a mule down the Grand Canyon" and "Buying a giant bunny."

    Those darn pesky students Kristyn--mine are constantly interrupting me too. Can't a teacher send a text or update her FB status in peace? ;-) But yes, you MUST see our bunny when you're finally here. Although I don't think ours will get quite as big as the one in that pic. Her dad was only 16.5 lbs. (instead of the standard 18-22 lbs.), so she might be a little on the smaller side. Well, small for a gargantuan beast, anyway. It takes nine months for them to reach their full size, so we'll see!


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