Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Too Busy to be Sick

I feel like I should do a blog entry, but I've been so out of it the last two days.  I'll eventually write more about Vegas (maybe), but right now I'll just sum it up by saying it was entertaining on Friday night. sucky for most of Saturday, fun on Saturday night, and so-so on Sunday.  Once at home on Sunday night, I started to feel fever-like chills, and by the time I woke up yesterday morning, I was downright sick.  I still dragged myself to work, because I had already committed myself to doing a GATE presentation for the staff, plus I had no subbing plans.  It was a rough day.  The students were great to the point where I never even had to raise my voice, but I just felt so cold and dizzy all day long.  I skipped both breakfast and lunch, and barely picked at my dinner.  When I came home yesterday, I just collapsed on the couch and laid there for hours.  It was heavenly. 

This morning I woke up and still felt dizzy and fuzzy, although I was finally able to eat again (hard-boiled egg for breakfast, yogurt for lunch).  Yet again I went to work; this time because a bunch of my students signed up for after-school tutoring, and I didn't want to let them down.  Plus I had an appointment with my T-shirt guy (he's helping me make my Builders Club T-shirts for the new school year).  It's starting to occur to me that I just can't seem to squeeze "getting sick" into my schedule.  I'm sorry Flu, please call back at a more convenient time and I will be more than happy to make an appointment for you.

I'm still not quite up to par, but I'm feeling a hell of a lot better than I did yesterday.  Plus tomorrow is "Pajama Day," so I'm excited that I get to go to work in my comfy jammies and don't have to worry about looking all professional...especially since I don't feel professional.  Lazy and blah sound good to me right now.

Oh yeah, this morning our fire alarm shrieked piercingly through the house at 4:08 this morning.  For no reason.  There was no fire, no smoke, nothing.  It was strange.  And a really jarring way to be jerked awake when dawn has yet to even crack.

And unrelated, but our house is over-run by ants.  I'm sure a couple of scouts crawled over me while I slept, because they've pretty much permeated every crevice.  Fun stuff.

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