Thursday, August 4, 2011

Stuff I Can't Talk About

This seems a bit anticlimactic since I already posted this on facebook, but Clint passed his black belt test!  I would have written about this earlier, but I keep hitting a wall every time I try to blog about it.  The promotion ceremony was really really interesting, but I'm not allowed to talk about it.  Only friends and family who attended the event are privy to what goes on during the ceremony.  Likewise, the black belt test itself was insane--like, insanely insane,  but I'm not allowed to share details about that, either.  So you can see my frustration.  I'm essentially writing an entry to talk about all the stuff I can't talk about.  I will say that Clint came back from the test a completely different person.  My previously cynical, pessimistic hubby is more confident, relaxed, and upbeat.  I'm hoping this effect will last for awhile.

Other than all that, this week has been a blur.  I've been in my classroom getting everything ready for the new school year (school starts this Monday), and there is still so much I have to do.  I'm hoping I can finish everything by tomorrow, because I really don't want to lose my Saturday.

Okay, this entry is really boring.  I'm not feeling any motivation to write.  I think I'm feeling a little bit of childish glumness over the fact that summer is already over.  


  1. Your summer's are so short! Okay, that probably didn't help your glumness about it, did it? We're out in mid-May and don't go back until August 29. So, we're a little more than three months. I am a little bit worried about going back, but I think that's natural insecurity about the fact that I'll have 50 students all of my own (VERY SCARY!!). Anyhow, my summer's sort of over too, since I'm studying non-stop for comps and then I'll have meetings for a week before school starts. And, I have to set up Blackboard for my class, if that makes you feel any better. :)

  2. Looks like it's back to the grind for everyone, huh? Setting up Blackboard would be a little intimidating for me, so I don't envy you on that one. Then again, you're pretty computer-savvy. I'm sure you'll fly right through it.

  3. Knowing you as I do, I am positive having to keep all that inside is very tough! You have to, however, to keep it all so special. Congrats to Clint again. He deserves to feel great!

    Yes, I was exhausted when I left school yesterday, but my room looked pretty good and I am ready for Monday. There is one thing I forgot to ask you about, however, so I'll call you. It has to do with Day one Balderdash. Remember last year? Are you doing that again? I am, but need your help to remember exactly how to play!!!

    Talk to you it begins!

  4. I forgot to mention in my post that Clint came home from his black belt test ten pounds lighter. Can you believe that? It was like "Biggest Loser" out there. Of course he's already in the process of gaining that weight back. LOL.

    Yep, we're doing Balderdash again, although I think I came up with a way to get the game to run a little bit smoother, so remind me to tell you on Monday.


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