Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Nocturnal Butterfly

I only slept for a few hours last night, so don't hold me liable for anything weird or random I write.  Blogging tired is like blogging drunk.  I've never blogged drunk before, but I have facebooked drunk, which I have to say is both hilarious and embarrassing as all get-out when you realize the next day what an idiot you were.  You might think that "Damn I wish I could balance on this toilet and why does my reflection look so weird" sounds like a great status update at the time, but things look just a tiny bit different the next morning. 

I just realized I have no idea what I'm talking about.  I'm sure there was a point in there somewhere.  Hey, did you know that the spanish word for moth is "mariposa nocturna"?  That actually translates to "nocturnal butterfly".  I love that.  I just think that is the most beautiful spin on what most would consider an incredibly mundane insect.  I mean, look at the English version of the word.  Moth.  One very boring, four-lettered, uninspiring syllable.  And unfortunately, it's an apt name that pretty much matches up with the bug itself.  Moths are flat, colorless, and uninspiring.  They don't even have venom to spice them up.  But then I hear the name "nocturnal butterfly," and talk about the glass being half-full...it makes me look at the moth in a completely different way.  The whole thing reminds me of "Aunt Beast" from A Wrinkle in Time.  Aunt Beast and the rest of her species are very dull and plain in appearance, but they don't need to be anything more, for they are blind and experience an extraordinary reality of their own soley through their senses.  Likewise, the moth doesn't have to be pretty.  It's a butterfly of the night with its own way of perceiving the world. 

But now I'm suddenly thinking that my over-romanticized notions of the moth are going to be really depressing the next time I go on a camping trip and watch one fly straight into the bug zapper.  That's gonna suck.  No one likes their mariposa nocturna well-done.

Today was good.  I had a few strange, melatonin-induced dreams last night, but they weren't terrible, and I actually woke up feeling sort of light and happy.  I'd write more but my tired brain is officially going on strike now.


  1. I would like to say that I feel your pain!! I wrote my first comp on an hour and a half sleep. Now that I look back on it, I could have done so much better had I gotten some sleep. My info was good, but my grammar not so good. Several missing comments, sentences that might not make sense or are out of context, using the wrong word on two occasions. Now, I'm thinking I might not pass. :( Anyway, tired blogging or Facebooking is much better than tired comping! lol Get some sleep!!

  2. Oh don't worry, you'll pass! My comps were a disaster. There were two essays that I flat-out did NOT know and completely BSed, to the point of even making up sources. Yet by some miracle I still passed. At least your content was decent. I'm sure the judges will look over the small grammar errors, and that you did better than you think. I definitely agree though, I'd rather be a zombied blogger than a zombied comp-er any day of the week!


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