Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 2 and Meow

Day two of school DOWN, 179 left to go!  Okay, I'm realizing how incredibly spoiled I am by how few days I actually "work" during the school year...but don't get me started on that tangent, because then I'll start pointing out all of the stuff teachers do outside of the classroom, and it's pretty much an endless rant.

So the first day of school was overwhelming.  Large classes, lost students, schedule mix-ups, etc...just your typical welcome-to-middle-school stuff.  Although this year there was a new added element of fun, because  every student with Mrs. C as their Language Arts teacher had MY room number listed on their schedule, so I had the pleasure of being bombarded with over sixty students every period and having to send half of them to Mrs. C's class.  But overall it was an entertaining day.  I played a fun game of "Get to Know the Teacher Balderdash" with the kids, and both the students' bogus answers combined with my real ones left us in hysterics.  
Today, on the other hand, was much more calm and organized.  I actually got to just teach today, instead of trying to deal with schedule errors and redirecting students to different locations.  It's still a little early to gauge what kind of classes I will have this year, but so far my students seem lively and interested.  Oh, and during the staff meeting this morning, they did a raffle for a great parking spot right at the very front of the school, and I won.  I only get to keep it for a month (then it gets raffled off to another employee), but hey, I'll take it.

When I came home from work today, Trinity's teacher from last year called to tell me that Trinity had scored a 600 (out of 600) on her state math test.  Her teacher wanted to know if it was okay if she took Trin out to lunch on Friday to celebrate.  I am still so shocked by this news!  When did Trin get good at math?  She's been holding out on me.  

The only downfall to an otherwise awesome day is our cat, Meow (try not to marvel at the creativity of her name), is in heat.  But the stupid cat's been in heat off and on for like a month.  I keep waiting for it to go away so we can get her fixed, but every time I think she's done, BAM--a whole new wave of it hits.  I'm not particularly a cat person as it stands, but this heat-thing is driving me nuts.  All of the little noises she makes; the half purrs/half meows; while rubbing against our neutered male cat (or the leg of the coffee table) and trying to solicit him (or the coffee table) for the good stuff--it's just downright awkward.  I swear I feel like I'm witnessing a feline porno.      

I'm tired now, so I'm going to plaster an uncreative title to this entry and go to bed.

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