Sunday, August 14, 2011

Broken by Lifehouse--Photo Rendition

I'm too lazy to write about my life right now, plus it's been awhile since I posted a song, so that pretty much adds up to a quick and lazy "music video post."  Although technically the clip below is not a music video.  The official video for this song actually has much better sound quality than this does, but I opted to post this instead because the little artist in me loves the way the producers combined music with expressive photography (although I wish they had opted for a less gaudy intro and concluding credits).  I did have to laugh at the title of this song though, considering that I just posted another song by the same title ("Broken" by Seether) about a month ago.  I wouldn't be surprised if readers thought that I was chronically depressed by now.  I swear I'm a happy person...93.7% of the time, anyway.  At any rate, here is a photographer's rendition of "Broken" by Lifehouse (you may recognize the song from The Time Traveler's Wife).  Blogger doesn't enlarge video clips, so if you want to view it full-screen on You Tube, click here.