Saturday, August 20, 2011

Adjustment Bureau, Grading Depression, etc.

Last night I watched "The Adjustment Bureau" for the first time (I had avoided it previously because the title sounded boring), and wow, what an awesome movie.  It's suspenseful, romantic, thought-provoking...why didn't someone recommend this movie to me a long time ago?  I love the philosophical nature of the movie and the complexity of the characters; how the so-called bad guys *spoiler alert* aren't necessarily as evil as you might anticipate, and how you're not entirely sure through the entire movie who you should be rooting for.

Today I started grading papers at about 9:30 this morning, and I didn't finish until 3:00.  That was with Clint helping me to input the scores into my gradebook, or else it would have taken me all day.  I'm relieved to be caught up, but I'm starting to feel depressed by the quantity of grading I'm taking home every weekend.  I don't mind busting my ass Monday through Friday; I can totally live with that.  But I want my damn weekends to myself.  Last year I had three really great T.A's to help offset some of the work load, but this year, my T.A's, although very likable and sweet, are a little clueless when it comes to grading.

After conquering that insane heap of papers, I worked on my Japanese Maple painting.  It's just about finished, so I might be posting a picture of it tomorrow on my Glazey blog.  Once it's touch-dry (which will take a few weeks minimum), I'm going to give it to Shannon.  I didn't originally start the painting for her, but she saw it the other day at my house and really liked it.  I still plan on painting something else for her in the (distant) future that's especially meant for her, as this one was just sort of a "whatever" project.  Last night I sketched out my next painting.  I'm really excited about it, but don't know if I'll be able to pull it off.  It involves an underwater scene, and I have no clue how to accomplish that look. 

Next weekend I'm going to Vegas with my entire family!  I am so excited!  My parents really know how to have a good time in Vegas, plus my mom, Shan, and I get really silly when we're together anywhere.  I still remember going out to dinner with them for Mother's Day over a year ago, and they were scolding me in slightly inebriated, over-loud voices for using a toilet-seat liner when I went to the restroom (haha, TMI--sorry).  Apparently this made me some sort of freak-germaphobe.  And I, of course, was yelling at them for not using one.  Meanwhile, fellow diners were looking at us like...well, the way anyone would look at some crazy person who's carrying on about toilet seat liners in the middle of a crowded restaurant.  But these are the types of conversations we end up having anytime we're all together (especially if liquor's involved), and it is what it is. 

Ughhh.  I feel so blah right now.

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  1. I've never seen that movie, I don't think I've ever even heard of it! May have to check it out, though I'm sure Matt's seen it, he's seen everything.

    Hearing about your grading woes is making me a little bit nervous. I'm going to have 50 students, rather than 15 like I had last semester, and I'm only going to have less than two weeks to get all the paper's graded each time. They'll be 4-5 page papers, but that's a heck of a lot to read/grade. Nervous!

    I saw your painting on Facebook and it looks great!! Oh, and have a good time in Vegas! :D


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