Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Opalista's Crummy Spider-Killing Skills

Elijah loves World of Warcraft, but he never really gets higher than a level 14.  At that point, once the quests start getting too hard for him, he just creates a new character and starts all over again.  I'm not into WOW, but he begged me the other day to create a new character so I could play with him.  I said "No, no, NO!" until he finally bribed me by offering to do some chores.  At last, I relented, and created Opalista, as seen here on the left, and her pet, Snookums (I like to give my WOW pets tough, ferocious names).  Now Elijah's current character, Bluebanshee, was already a level 10, so Opalista needed to catch up to him pretty fast.  I'm unmotivated, and again, not much into online gaming, so I talked Clint into leveling her up for me.

After awhile, Clint finally gets her up to a 9 or a 10.  I go into the office to see how he's doing, and find him happily killing spiders in a cave with the help of some centaur chick.  I sit down with him for a few minutes, when suddenly he realizes that it's time to leave for his fight class.  He passes the keyboard over to me and says "Here, finish this quest really quick."  I panic and tell him, "Oh no, no way.  I'll die."  He reassures me by saying, "No you won't.  It's really easy.  You just have to kill three more spiders and then the centaur will transport you out of the cave."

Okay, I can do this.  I do, after all, dabble in WOW once in awhile over summers when Clint twists my arm to play with him, and this is just a little tiny level 10 quest.  So Clint leaves, and I take over.  Three minutes later, I call his cellphone.

"What's up?" He asked.

"I died."

"What?!  How is that even possible?"

"I was shooting a spider, and it kept swaying back and forth, saying 'evade, evade,' so I moved in closer and fell down a pit."

See?  This is why I don't do online gaming.  In real life, if I want to kill a spider, I wouldn't end up falling into a pit and turning into some spooky little glowing orb searching for my own corpse.  Online gaming stresses me out.

That being said, I think I'll log in for a few minutes and take Shimmer, my level 21 night elf, out for a spin.  It's time for her to visit her poor, neglected, giant pet spider and killer moth anyway.  Fluffy and Flutterbye are probably hungry.

P.S.  If you are ever playing WOW and run into Opalista in the Shadowsong realm, there's a 50% chance that she's actually a dude.


  1. My hubby & brother love world of warcraft, but I just like making new charachters and figuring out what to name them. I think 5 is the highest level Ive ever gotten. :-D

  2. Making new characters IS fun, and I love seeing the different starting areas. Naming them is always a challenge because it seems like EVERY name in the world has already been taken. I'll put in the name "Girdleboogiestein," and the computer's like, "Sorry, that name is unavailable." I let the program pick Opalista's name because I was feeling uncreative. I can't believe I managed to get "Shimmer" on two different realms, given that it's so nice and short and almost-normal.

  3. I just started playing again, but I play on Silvermoon. Of course, I've been playing for, oh, about 6 years (on and off... more on, than off). I like your character's name, even if the program did pick it. lol. Look me up on realid sometime, if you're online, and maybe we can chat (maeleigh1978[at]gmail[dot]com).

  4. I've never played a video or computer game in my life. Is that weird? It has just never appealed to me. My son, however, is a total freak with all of it. I don't even know if he is good or what his name is in WOW, but I'll ask him. It's great that E wanted you to play. You are so great with your kids.

  5. Not weird at all, Niecy. I have zero natural inclination towards video or computer games, but I will admit that I have fun with them on the occasions that the kids or hubby drag me on. You'll have to let me know the name/realm of D's character. Trin's been playing WoW off and on for about two years, and she might be able to look him up. Oh, and thanks for the compliment on my kids--you're a pretty amazing mom yourself!

    Kristyn, I've actually been playing on Silverhand lately. I like that realm because we already have level 60+ characters on there (due to Clint's prior obsessions with the game), so they can send me lots of goodies. :-) I don't know how to chat through realid (see how clueless I am?), but mine's springfluff@verizon.net if you want to look me up sometime. I was actually on for WAY too long today because both kids, plus hubby, wanted me to quest with them. Now I have to take a week off from WoW cuz we're off on vacation tomorrow. Which is good because I need a break from killing stuff. ;-)

  6. Jodi, I added you to my RealId. So, we'll be able to chat whenever you accept my invitation! Might be a nice way to chat from time to time. :D

  7. Cool Kristyn, I'll add you tonight. Now I better go before I get busted for being on the computer when I'm supposed to be packing. :)


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