Friday, July 1, 2011

From Old to New

I was going to add these pics to the end of my last post, but that entry was already pretty enormous.  So here is my new Bible, although as characteristic of most photos, it looks better in person. It's made from a two-toned Italian leather, and feels very sturdy, yet soft. That leather ribbon in the front is actually green; not yellow (I'm not sure why it looks yellow here). The edges of the pages are silver, like the print on the front. It's a bummer that I have to cover half of my name for the picture, but it's sort of a necessary evil for me since I don't share my full name on this blog.

I've already cracked the spine. :)

Nice, large print!

Even though I love this new Bible, my old childhood Bible will always be the one closest to my heart.

I can't believe I'm finally retiring it.  It feels sort of bitter-sweet.  I wonder if my Great-Grandmother had any idea how much her gift would come to mean to me over the years.