Sunday, July 31, 2011

Blogging: My Proverbial Wilson

It feels a little strange to not have another adult in the house to talk to, but I wouldn't say it's been terrible.  The kids and I have actually had a really pleasant weekend.  I did find myself constantly fighting the urge to text Clint, just to say this or that, or to see how he's doing.  My solution to this was pretty simple.  Every time I felt an urge to say something to him, I would just jot it down real quick.  In a weird way, I feel like I've been talking to him all weekend even though we've been completely out of touch.  I've decided if I were ever stranded on a deserted island, I would be one of those crazy people who'd befriend a coconut or a volleyball named Wilson or whatever just to maintain my sanity.  But luckily in the world of technology, I have a computer to fulfill that role.

Here are the little blurbs I wrote to Clint all weekend:
  • When we dropped you off at the dojo, we had just walked out the door when Elijah cried out, “I miss daddy!” I said, “Dude, it’s been like, 18 seconds.”
  • It doesn’t really feel like you’re in the woods. It just feels like you’re at work.
  • Me and Niecy were at La Casita today for four hours. But what’s even crazier is that when Niecy posted a status on our work homepage saying that she and I enjoyed a four hour lunch, the update received 4,866 comments! I took a picture of it just because I knew you wouldn’t believe me. I’m pretty sure it’s because I’m insanely popular. ;-) Okay, there MIGHT have been a glitch or something…
  • I wonder what you are doing this very second.
  • Meow ate Zed’s nose off. Trin actually cried. She said Zed was her favorite pelt. I think Meow has officially lost Trin’s loyalties.
  • I caught Elijah playing Duo. Don’t worry, I chewed him out, but I think he got a good hour in before I caught him.
  • We had a thunderstorm with some lightening, but it didn’t amount to anything. Damn it smells good though.
  • I played my word with only ten minutes to spare! “Zax”. Glad you can’t see my gloating face right now.
  • This lady in McDonalds is something else. She’s sitting here telling her friends how much she LOVES funerals, because “there’s always really good food.” Gee lady, I’m glad that people die so that you can have a satisfying meal.  
  • I wonder how you’re holding up… 
  • My poor mom! She just called me, drunk. They had to put Buster down (he had cancer) and she’s a wreck. I had to console her for an hour. Even my dad cried. Okay, you can quit rolling your eyes now. ;-) There was also a hailstorm in Silver Lakes, and they lost their power for hours. Remember those days?  
  • Lily got into the house twice today. But I discovered that once she settles down, she actually stops peeing all over the place.
  • Saw this and thought of you:
  • Found out that I have T.K's daughter, Sarah, in my honor’s class. Her mom e-mailed me today and said that she was so glad that I was Sarah’s teacher, and “don’t forget to beat her every morning in case I forget.” I told her, “My schedule is pretty tight, but I’ll try to squeeze in daily beatings somewhere between the morning announcements and pledge of allegiance.”
  • Kids and I just had movie night. We watched 2012. The whole thing was just funny to me, but it was pretty intense for the kids. Probably should have picked something lighter and slightly less apocalyptic. 
  • I just put my pajama shirt on and noticed that it was inside-out. So I took the whole thing off (which was tricky since I had a wet towel on my head), played around with the shirt until I had it flipped the correct way, wiggled it back over the toga-towel and put it back on. So then I go to brush my teeth, and what do I see?  The shirt is STILL inside-out. What the hell?  Bastard shirt.  
  • Day three and Karfci has reluctantly decided to cuddle with me for the first time. I’m not even sitting in his usual spot. Poor guy doesn’t know what to make of your absence. 
  • Yeah, the cuddling only lasted for about four minutes. 
  • I actually really like the scat mat right now. It makes me feel safe. If an intruder DID break into the house, I don’t think he would be expecting volts of electricity to shoot up his feet while creeping down the hallway.
  • You’re coming home tomorrow!
  • Oh damn. It just occurred to me that intruders wear shoes.
  • Sun, 6:32 a.m.--Got jerked awake by thunder. It is raining like crazy!  I wonder if you guys got rained on last night. Wouldn’t that be something…
  • 8:11 a.m.—Still pouring. I’m going to get ready for church. It smells awesome outside. 
  • Time to cook brownies for the potluck. Crossing my fingers that I can get through this without setting off the fire alarm. Luckily I don’t think even I can burn the house down in this weather.


  1. You know, I don't think I would have thought to write them down. I'd probably have sent the texts and when he got home he'd have been flooded with messages!

  2. LOL--my cellphone charger was missing all day on Friday, and by the time I found it on Saturday, I had already scribbled half of these down. Or else, YES, I would have flooded him with texts!

  3. Oh, this is too sweet! What a great idea - to write your thoughts down for him. No doubt he was on your mind.

    Again, your writing and humor reminds me of Tori Spelling in some ways. Read one of her books and tell me if you see it. sTori telling, Mommywood, and Unchartered Teritori. No great literature, but she's amusing when talking about her life.

  4. Which one is your favorite of the three? Let me know, and I'll order it from Amazon. Gotta love those little word puns in the titles.


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