Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Barrage of Photos

Wouldn't it be great if Blogger allowed you to embed slide shows within a post? Then I could avoid mile-long entries such as this one.  Shoot, I would just settle for Blogger letting me put photos side-by-side; that would be a huge space-saver.  I was going to imbed these photos within my last post in a way that followed the so-called "storyline" of our vacation, but I decided I'm not that ambitious.  That being said, here is a very LONG stream of vacation pics.  I suppose I could edit out some more, but I'm at Starbucks staring at tiny versions of these pics, so I'm just going to throw these on and be done with it.

Somehow the butts seem like the perfect way to symbolize the end of this photo stream (they were watching a squirrel, by the way).

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