Sunday, June 12, 2011

Weekend Trip to Soledad Canyon

Operation "Try out the RV" was a success!  Everything ran perfect, which is great considering we were traveling (and sleeping in) a 27 year-old wagon.  Isn't that old enough to be considered vintage?  At the minimum, I know it's old enough to be considered...old.  Below are the pics I took of the RV at the campground on Friday night. 

It was dusk, so the pictures came out a little dark.  The campground we stayed at is really pretty.  It's very green with a lot of mature trees.  We had a wonderful spot that backed right up into a grass-clearing, and then a hillside.  I wish I had brought a camera on this trip, so I could have captured more pictures of the campground and kids and such.  I only had my cell phone, which takes pretty crummy pictures.  I swear subconsciously I must want to let all of life slip by without any physical record of it, because I always forget my camera.  I did manage to snap a few pictures of the pool, even though it was so bright outside that I couldn't see what was on my viewing screen.  But check it out...this pool is huge.  It's about three times the size of your average, in-ground pool.

I swear it looks bigger in person, although I'm sure the infinity-edge increased that effect.  One section of the pool includes a beach-like entrance, so you can gradually enter the water without plunging directly need for a ladder or stairs.  Very cool.  The only thing is I wish the water had been was freezing. 

Both Friday and Saturday, we spent the day hanging out at the pool and exploring the campground.  In the evenings we played games inside the RV.  We brought a ton of games, but somehow we got really addicted to Monopoly.  Our first game on Friday night started right after dinner and didn't end until after midnight.  I won.  Last night, not wanting to get trapped in a five-hour game, we played a speed-version.  It ended up being about two-and-a-half hours long, and I still won.  Now no one wants to play Monopoly with me anymore.  Clint said it will be at least a year before I can convince him to play with me again.  Such a bummer, because I was enjoying my winning streak, and now I have no one to cream.  After Monopoly last night, we all curled up with ice-cream and popcorn, and watched "A Knight's Tale."  There's something about watching a movie in your camper that just makes you feel closer to nature.  Okay, not really, but it was very cozy.  Here are pictures of the inside of the RV (during the day).  As you can see, it is quite dated, but I have to say, it was still a very pleasant little place to camp in:

We were camping in some sort of signal vortex that had NO radio stations, so this was my very technical (eh-hem, hillbilly) solution to getting a radio station to come in:

Yes, that is indeed a radio antenna attached to a metal spatula attached to a metal hook holding a large metal spoon.  I'm not sure exactly which component was holding the signal, but it worked.

Some more random pics:

The kids all nice and sleepy for bed

Getting ready to leave for Charlie Browns
The kids at Charlie Brown's

Elijah and me and our giant beef jerkey

We stopped at Charlie Brown's twice this weekend: once on our way to Soledad Canyon, and once on our way home.  I LOVE Charlie Brown's.  It is a rustic store full of old-fashioned candies, foods, etc.  It also has a farmer's market section with fresh fruit/veggies, a deli-section, a gift-shop, and so on.  They have every thing from hand-scooped date shakes to home-made pomegranate jelly.  On our first stop to Charlie Brown's, we ate lunch and treated ourselves to a specialty shake (I always get the same thing: a chocolate cherry malt).  On our second stop, we each picked out a snack to take home.  Clint got garlic pistachios and I bought chocolate-covered cranberries.  Oh my gosh they are to die for.  We also bought Father's Day gifts there, so it was a pretty fruitful trip.

Overall, our little weekend-getaway was very enjoyable.  For past trips, we have always rented a cabin (or even a camper, like we did a few months ago).  But it felt great to have our own space to settle down in every evening.  And unpacking today was incredibly easy, because all of the bedding, toiletries, games, etc., will remain in the motorhome.  Basically the only thing we had to unload was food and clothes.  I'm officially ready to try out a longer excursion further away.  Now if those damn gas prices would come down....


  1. That looks like so much fun! I showed the pics to John because he wants one so bad - kind of mean of me actually! It looks great. You guys are so blessed!

    Oh, these are John's words, "That's not camping. That's resort living!"

    Oh gosh, he's going to start talking about getting one again! I just don't want to spend the dough yet, but it really looks like great family time!

    What is it with you and competition - Monopoly? Girl, you don't need to cream everyone to be the best.

  2. Wow, I love Charlie Brown's, too!! So jealous! It looks like you had a great trip and the camper is so cute. Makes me wish Matt were more a get-up-and-go type. Thanks for sharing the pics of your trip, Jodi!

  3. Niecy, John is absoltely right! This wasn't camping AT ALL. Way too easy. Not to mention the DVD player sort of bursts the whole camping facade. Next time I'm going to insist that we at least toast a marshmallow or something, just to maintain SOME pretense of camping. ;-) Sorry that I inadvertantly opened up the whole RV can of worms in your household, but...JOHN, if your listening, it's so much fun!! Buy one!!!! Tomorrow!!!

    Hehe, kidding, kidding. It WAS great family time, but keep in mind we got ours for free (you're right, we are very very blessed). There's no way with current gas prices and such, we would have actually purchased our own.

    @Kristyn, isn't Charlie Brown's the best? You'll have to make a trip out there once your back in Cali (and don't forget to invite your dear friend Jodi along, haha). Thanks for your comments and I'm glad you enjoyed the pics. :)


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