Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Heart Tattoos and Throwing Stuff

Tonight was our small group meeting, but due to busy summer schedules and the fact that none of us made it to the church service this weekend, we decided to play games instead of doing an actual Bible study.  After eating dinner, we played Taboo.  Before beginning the game, we drew for partners; Clint ended up partnered with Steve, Matt with Alana, and me with Becky.  Becky is competitive, plus very expressive and patient with giving clues, so we made a great match and ultimately won the game.  But the part of the game that stands out the most was when Steve was trying to get Clint to guess the clue "records" (I think).  Steve prompted, "A doctor might look up your---" and Clint immediately exclaimed "Colon!"  Everyone was like, "Wow Clint, your last doctor's appointment must have sucked."

Becky had to leave right before 8:00, so at that point we quit the game and moved into the living room to chat.  We somehow got into a conversation about tattoos.  Every one of us has at least one tattoo, with each one including a background story (except for mine. Mine's boring and has no significance).  So Matt was sharing with us one of his tattoos: a tribal-looking image on his upper-back (a past drunken mistake).  While emphasizing the randomness of that particular tattoo, Alana chimes in with the fact that the image even has a heart in the middle.  At this point, Matt's entire face lights up with surprise, and he exclaims, "What?  There's a heart?!"  and takes off for the bathroom.  We all just exploded with laughter.  He had no idea that his tattoo contained the shape of a heart in the center, and the expression on his face was priceless.  Eventually he came back into the living room, and Steve took a nice close-up picture of it with his cell phone so that Matt could see it clearly.  Meanwhile, we were all crying with laughter.  Needless to say, Matt decided that he will be getting his precious little heart tattoo covered when he can; possibly with an eagle.  I personally think he should keep the heart.  It's much more entertaining.

After we recovered from the whole tattoo ordeal, we eventually found ourselves talking about the stuff we have thrown at our spouses through the course of our marriages.  Between all of us, we have thrown everything from remote controls to mealworms to acoustic guitars (sorry, that one was actually "lightly kicked", according to said-person, not thrown).  The whole conversation was so damn comical.  I don't know exactly when we stopped sugar-coating our lives to each other, but it makes for some interesting conversations.  Seriously, my small group is full of a bunch of crazies.  No wonder we get along so well.


  1. It sounds like your small group is a nice group of close friends. Having friends like that in your life is priceless. I actually laughed out loud at the doctor stuff. :)

    Throwing stuff... I went through a throwing stuff phase. I once threw an entire bowl of chocolate pudding at Matt. I missed, of course, because who has good aim when they're angry?! It hit the floor, cracked into a dozen pieces and I ended up having to clean it up. That's what I was doing when the cops showed up. Turns out the neighbors called the police because we were being so shouty and I admit, I probably was being quite loud. I really think they did it because they thought we had been the ones to call the cops on them a few days earlier (we weren't!). I swear those cops thought I had Matt's body hidden under the house or something, they looked around for him before accepting the answer that he'd gone to McDonalds to get me food because the whole thing was caused by my blood sugar dropping dangerously low (which clearly makes me crazy).

    Wow, that makes us and our neighborhood sound bad, doesn't it? We've had some pretty terrible neighbors in the rent house next to us, but for the most part our neighborhood is very quiet and so are we. :) So there you go, now that I've written you a treatise, I'm off.

  2. That is such a funny story Kristyn! Sorry, I don't think it was meant to be, but I can just see that bowl of pudding flying through the air and splattering everywhere. Meanwhile, the cops are questioning you concerning Matt's whereabouts as if you're the main character in the Tell Tell Heart. LOL. At least you had a good excuse for your behavior. Clint and I used to fight like that just out of sheer immaturity. But those days are long gone...apparently years of marriage eventually just mellows you out.

  3. So fun to read. I could imagine the whole night just knowing you as I do. You are a crazy bunch - the kind of Bible study most people would attend!

    Clint's colon! LOL. It made perfect sense!

  4. It really DID make perfect sense, but poor guy is still trying to live that one down!


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