Friday, June 17, 2011

Crashed Barbecue

I'm still feeling just a tiny bit off today.  Can't seem to shake it.

Yesterday evening I went to Shan's house to offer her some moral support for a graduation barbecue that she was throwing for Madi.  The barbecue began at about 7:00 p.m., and was still going on (more or less) when I left around midnight.  I was going to stay the night, but there were already too many people crashing there, and I would have been lucky to get even a piece of carpet to sleep on.  At any rate, the party went really smoothly for the first few hours (note the foreshadowing), other than a tiny bit of tension due to exes being trapped in the same house together.  There was a ton of awesome food, and we all enjoyed a couple glasses of wine and some good conversation.  I dragged Shan into the livingroom to play "Just Dance" with me, and that was a lot of fun.* 

Sometime around 11:00, Shan's father-in-law crashed the party (enter: drama).  He created a big scene that resulted in the cops being called.  I guess the whole thing should've phased me more than it did (Shan kept apologizing for everything), but it really just reminded me of scenes from my own childhood.  Guess I'm a little too comfortable with chaotic environments.

At around midnight, things seemed to be calming down, and I decided to leave.  I don't know how it happened because I've been to Shannon's house a million times, but somehow I turned off the wrong street and got lost.  Those mountain roads are incredibly dark at night, and with all of those sharp turns and curves, it's easy to get disoriented.  Especially if you're me and already have crappy night-vision and no sense of direction.  The kids were in the car with me, and after about fifteen minutes of turning this way and that, it started to feel spooky.  I tried to make it an adventure for the kids, but inwardly I was starting to feel nervous.  My cell-phone had no reception, and my brain was scrambling, trying to think of what the protocol is when you're trapped in a maze of dark trees in the middle of the night.  Thankfully I did eventually find my way back to a main thoroughfare.  But then I almost hit a skunk.  After that, it was smooth-sailing the rest of the drive home.

Tomorrow we're leaving for a trip to Camarillo to visit my paternal grandmother (my real dad's mother).  Shannon, Jeremy, and the kids are also going, and we're all staying at the same hotel, so it should be a lot of fun.  I am nervous though.  I don't know my grandma very well, and I feel a little shy around her.  Plus she has never met my kids before.  Well, I take that back...she did see Trinity once at a funeral.  But Trin was a baby back then.  Elijah she has never met.  She has never met Samantha or Shelby either.  Overall this is a pretty big visit. 

I guess I've rambled on long enough.


  1. I haven't been able to write in my blog for a while because of all of this crap! I am SO glad you were there last night. Sorry you got lost! I want to know what you edited out. See you tomorrow. We are defintely gonna use the jacuzzi tomorrow night!

  2. I can't wait to dip into that jucuzzi, although you definitely need it more than I do right now! Tomorrow you'll have to fill me in as to what happened once I left.

    I edited out a tid-bit regarding Leavenworth. ;-) There was no reason to confuse other readers by keeping it on there.

  3. Oh, Jodi and Shan!
    I am so sorry that everything got messed up, but Jodi, having you there with her, I'm certain meant all the difference for Shannon.

    Family drama - fun, fun. We all have someone in the family that we could do without, I suppose.

    Have fun visiting your grandmother. I'm certain she will love all the kids, as well as the two of you! How can she not?

  4. Awww, thanks for the moral support, Niecy. :)

  5. Sounds very... eventful! I agree with Niecy, family drama is no fun at all, but that we all have it. Too bad that sort of bad vibe can't just go away, especially when you're throwing a party, which is supposed to be a celebration!

    I felt slightly anxious just hearing about your getting lost in the mountains, it must have been terrible! I'm not much for mountain driving, anyway, considering I'm scared of heights, but that would have been too much! Glad you found your way back before it got too frightening.

    Anyway, have a nice time on your trip and try not to be too nervous. Although, by this time you've probably gone already, so that advice is pointless. Heh, I'm not help at all! :)

  6. I came back from Camarillo last night, but I'm sure the universe knew you were going to tell me to have a nice time and applied those well-wishes to my trip. ;-)

    It was nerve-wracking to get lost in the mountains, but luckily in those situations, you're forced to stay calm for the sake of your passengers, and then by some miracle you actually start to convince yourself that you really ARE calm. The whole "pretend it 'til you feel it" mantra.


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