Saturday, May 7, 2011

Optimism in the Shower

Clint and I were showering together two nights ago (sorry if that's TMI) when he accidentally dropped the economy-sized shampoo bottle right on my little toe.  This is the third or fourth time he's done this.  The last time it happened, I actually lost the entire toe-nail.  This time, as usual, I yowled at the top of my lungs and began smacking him loudly while simultaneously trying to nurse my poor, throbbing appendage.  He, of course, had a big, goofy, guilty grin on his face as he declared, "Come on, the bottle is practically empty.  It's not THAT heavy. "  I grabbed the bottle and shoved it under his nose, demanding, "See?!  Look!  It's half-full!"  With a perfectly straight face, he says, "Awww honey, even when your toe is in pain, at least you're still optimistic."

Pretty sure me and my optimistic-self will be showering by ourselves for awhile.


  1. Maybe you should 'accidentally' drop the bottle on his toe next time....

  2. T, I think that could be arranged. ;-)


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