Thursday, May 5, 2011

Lily the Lost Sheep

Okay, so Lily's cute little nuance of following the dogs around everywhere is quickly turning into a monstrous obsession.  Every time I let the dogs into the house, she stands on the patio and bahhhs pitifully, staring forlornly through the French door.  Then today, I came home from work and let the dogs in, and before I could stop her, she followed them right into the house.  I can be a little slow on the uptake, so it took several moments for me to realize, there is a friggen' SHEEP in my house.  And since she was having all sorts of fun following the dogs around the various bedrooms, it took me an additional ten minutes to get her out.  Initially I tried herding her out the door, but every time we got close to the open door, she would stubbornly veer the other direction.  Ultimately I had to wrap my arms around her body and half lift, half drag her out the door.  A few days ago, Clint and I were discussing the possibility of installing a doggy door, now that we no longer have Moses (that's a whole 'nother story).  We both really want to put one in, but Clint expressed his concern that if we do, Lily will come right on through anytime she wants.  I pointed out to him that in a month or two, she will have outgrown the doggy door, so no worries.  He replied with,  "It's all fun and games until you wake up at the ass-crack of dawn every morning to a sheep's head sticking out from the wall, bahhhing at you."  Hmmm.  Out of my top hundred ways to wake up every morning, that particular one doesn't even make the list.

So unto other things.  As far as who had to stay home with Elijah on Tuesday, fate wound up making the decision for me.  I went to work on Tuesday morning and made it through a staff meeting and about half of homeroom when I got sick.  I ended up coming home, where Elijah and I were joined by Trinity as well, who also got sick.  Clint was the only semi-healthy person who managed to go to work that day.  The kids and I were comatose on the couch from 10:00 that morning until bedtime.  I don't remember much about that day.  I slept almost the entire day, and the few times I was awake, I was in pain and I couldn't eat or drink anything.  The next day, I dragged my butt to work, but only because it was the first day of our school's spelling bee.  Not only was I supposed to help MC the event, but my fifteen student participants had studied hard, and I knew it would be confusing for a sub to get all of my classes to the gym and deal with the confusing schedule.  I still did not eat a thing yesterday, except for two bites of potato soup and two crackers at dinnertime.  By the end of last night, I had lost 4.2 pounds.

Today, I woke up this morning feeling ridiculously healthy and hyper and starving.  I shoved down some peanut butter crackers after only being awake for a few minutes this morning, and continued to snack for the rest of the day, but never quite able to fill up the bottomless pit that had taken over my stomach.  I just now ate a bowl of spaghettios, and currently Clint is on his way home with a big fat juicy whopper, because I asked him to pick me up something that is "really fatty and high in calories."  I'm hoping this will do the trick and I finally feel un-hungry.  As of fifteen minutes ago, I had gained back 1.6 pounds of the 4 that I lost.  Maybe I should quit while I'm ahead.

This weekend should be pleasantly busy.  Saturday night I'm going out with Shannon, Jeremy, and Sarah, so I'm really looking forward to that.  I don't plan on drinking more than two or three.  I don't want to get drunk (especially since Clint can't go with us); I just want to drink barely enough to give me an excuse to dance and get silly.  I would do those things sober anyway, but the liquor provides a nice scapegoat, and then no one questions it.  Sunday evening I'm meeting my parents at Red Robin for an early Mother's Day dinner.  I love spending time with my parents, so again, I'm realling looking forward to this weekend overall. 

I have lots more to talk about, but Clint just pulled up, and a whopper definitely takes precedence in my life right now over anything else.


  1. We had a badger through the cat flap once - not quite the same thing, though.

  2. A badger? Yikes! That had to be a nice little wake-up call. But to be fair, you DID say on your Mondo list that you wanted a menagerie of animals....


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