Saturday, May 14, 2011

I Should've Got a Warranty

Lily is the worst weed-wacker ever.  She discovered that dog food tastes much better than weeds, so has been happily gorging on that instead.  To deal with this problem, Clint moved the dogs' food into the side yard last night.  The dogs are small enough to shimmy their way into the side yard between the gate and the wall, but Lily is too big, so it was a perfect solution.  Or so we thought.  Clint was coughing in his sleep last night, so I took my pillow and curled up in the office.  Just when I was falling asleep, I heard Lily bleating angrily.  She wouldn't stop, and I was worried that something was wrong.  So I woke up Clint and told him I thought something might be wrong with the lamb.  He went outside to check on her (I'm sure you can imagine how thrilled he was about this). Lo and behold, the stupid lamb was stuck.  She had somehow managed to get into the side yard (we have NO idea how), and she ate ALL the dogs' food (again).  But she couldn't get out, and was absolutely miserable. 

Here is a not-so-great picture I took of Lily earlier tonight (lighting was terrible and door is dirty).  Her and Kalzaghi were begging to come into the house, but I couldn't let them in because we just had our carpets cleaned.  That, plus the fact that she's livestock.