Sunday, May 1, 2011

Back into the Blogisphere

I already posted today, but this one is going to be short.  Shannon's back!  To clarify, Shan physically didn't go anywhere.  In fact, I just saw her yesterday and had an awesome time at her house.  And I saw her the day before Easter.  And I'm seeing her again next Saturday.  So I'm not currently experiencing any real Shannon-shortages.  But in the vast world of blogging, she fell off the radar for a while, which has been tough for me, because...hmmm...because...well, I'm not sure, actually.  I just know that when her blog disappeared, I felt like I lost that little window into her life.  I guess one could argue that we were still able to talk on the phone, or visit each other, but it takes time and coordination of two very busy schedules to do that kind of stuff.  And I love reading about the nuances of her life.  That sort of ironic humor is something that doesn't always translate through quick phone conversations.

So, the update has been made to my blogroll, and I am now going to collapse in bed.  Shan, your damn blog better still be there when I wake up in the morning!  ;-)

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  1. Hehe Jodi! This one really made me laugh! Thank you! Can't wait to see you next week....and the way my week is starting already, I am REALLY gonna need to go out!


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