Monday, April 18, 2011

Even I Can Make These!

On Tuesday of last week, my club, together with three other clubs, made blankets for homeless children.  It was by far the funnest service project I have experienced this year!  We arrived at the district office building at 6:00 p.m., where Kiwanis (the adult-version of our club) served us lasagna, garlic bread, salad, and cupcakes for dessert.  After dinner, we got to work on the blankets.  The blankets were fun and easy to make--and this is coming from someone who would probably die of starvation trying to thread a needle.  They were "tie blankets", so required no crocheting or sewing of any kind.  For something so simple, they came out very cuddly and adorable!  Here are a couple that my club made (I had to crop out the students holding them for liability purposes):

Our goal was to make thirty blankets in a two-hour period.  It was amusing, because every time a group finished a blanket, they would shout out "FINISHED!" and hold it up in the air.  Everyone in the room would stop what they were doing to applaud, and then the president of Kiwanis would holler out "That's TWO down--only TWENTY-EIGHT left to go!"  And so it went for the rest of the night.  My club happened to finish the thirtieth, and final blanket, so that was the biggest celebration of all:

Oh man do I wish I could show their faces.  It is priceless.  The coolest thing about the whole night was seeing people from all ages and walks of life working together.  I have a picture of a group of my seventh-graders working with this adorable eighty-some year old lady, another picture of my students cutting fabric with the superintendent, and so on. 

By the end of the night, I--along with my students--felt nothing but exhilaration over the night we had experienced.  The whole thing was just so fun and positive.  All thirty blankets were donated to a local homeless shelter, and the kids who receive them actually get to keep them as their own.          

P.S.  Completely unrelated, but sorry about the lack of words on my last entry.  Clint's mom is getting really involved with photography, and she actually took those pictures of us on Saturday.  I was going to include captions and descriptions with all of them, but ran out of time, and now I'm too lazy to go back and do it, so I guess that's that.


  1. How fun, and what a great memory for your students!


  2. Such a fun way to spend an evening doing something so great for children who need it. You're a gem, Jodi!

  3. Oh no, I'm not a gem (although thank you for thinking so). I'm just your typical selfish person trying to bury an ugly inner-self in superficial acts of kindness.

    Sorry, that was probably too lucid. I really need to learn to just say stuff like "Thanks! I love helping people!"

  4. "I'm just your typical selfish person trying to bury an ugly inner-self in superficial acts of kindness."

    That makes you human. Being nice is a way for us to pay the universe back for all the unpleasantness. ~.^

  5. That does sound like a fun evening. Great project for all of you and those who receive the blankets.

  6. Thanks, Kristyn. I remember my sister had a blog label called "inclement moods"...I'm thinking I really need to adopt that one for myself. ;-)

    It was immensely fun, Niecy. This is the one project I can't wait to do again next year.


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