Thursday, March 31, 2011

Wicked Game

I had completely forgotten that the song below ever existed.  Until this morning, when I was suddenly accosted by its stirring lyrics and haunting melody as I got ready for work.  I just now watched the music video for the first time, and damn is it erotic.  Especially considering it was produced in 1989.  Now I'm trying to decide whether it's erotic in a sensual way, or in a raunchy way (somewhat reminiscent of the "Art or Pornography?" entry I posted last year).  I skimmed over a few articles about this particular video, and was surprised by the majority-perspective.  Most people view it as not only the all-time sexiest video of the '80s, but they see it as a beautiful piece of art; a masterpiece, even.  I've watched it three times now, and I'm still not convinced.  On the one hand, the way the music flows with the sensual movements of her body does seem almost artistic.  On the other hand, some of the model's movements (stroking of her breasts, tossing of her undergarments, etc.) seem almost too cliche, turning what might have been an impassioned, seductive dance into a cheap strip-tease on the beach.  One YouTube commenter put it best:
I'm pretty sure this is how it [the video] happened:
Record Exec: "K Chris we need to make a video for Wicked Game, what do you want to do?"
Chris: "Get me the hottest model, get her topless, and let me fondle her on the beach for 4 minutes."
Record Exec: "Alright, but isn't that too racy?"
Chris:  "Just make it black and white and don't show any nipple, this way we can pass it off as art."
Record Exec:  "Alright, lets do it!!"
Here is the video, so I'll let you judge for yourself.  I will say that, regardless of whether the verdict for this video is "art" or "glorified lap dance," the song itself makes me feel twinges of...something...inside.  And isn't that what art is supposed to do?  But still...hmmmm....


  1. Hey Jodi, I have always loved that song and I think the video goes perfectly with it. However, I do not see it as art, I see it as erotic, especially considering it was in the 80s, as you stated. I like it, however, a lot! I may be getting up there and lack energy these days, but this song, video even, wakes me up!

    Now, I am going to find Rihanna's S&M video. I've been hearing it a lot on the radio and it's grown on me, although I was shocked the first time I heard it, "Sex, I love the smell of it! Words may hurt me, but whips and chains excite me!" hmmm...I can't say I agree but I like the song. I'm going to see how racy the video is. Toodaloo!

  2. Okay, I had some words wrong, but still like the song. The video, however, not at all. Check out the craziness:

  3. Haha, I have to admit Niecy, even though I don't view the video as art either, I have clicked on it probably a dozen times now. I can't help it--it's just so irresistibly sexy!

    I've heard Rhianna's S&M, but had never actually listened closely to the lyrics before. It is a catchy song! I just now watched the video, and I agree; I don't care for it. Too...circus-y, maybe? I do find myself addicted to watching music videos lately, crazy or otherwise. Which is funny, because as a teen I never got too into music videos. But now, as an adult, I'm gravitating toward them? Man do I have things backwards. Anyway, thanks for the link! If you see any other good videos, send them my way(cuz like I said, I'm a bit of an addict!).


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