Thursday, March 17, 2011

Proud Moment

Tonight we went to Trin's award assembly, where she received Honor Roll and Young Author's.  After the honor roll awards were given, the principal explained to the audience that all of the fifth grade teachers got together to vote for one student to represent the entire fifth grade, a class of 130-some students.  Trinity was chosen!  The principal had interviewed Trin earlier during the school day in preparation, so she pulled Trin up in front of the entire audience and told everyone all about Trinity wanted to be an entomologist, what her favorite subjects are, etc.  It was awesome.  Trin was nervously swaying back and forth the whole time and beaming from ear-to-ear.  Meanwhile, I couldn't stop wiping my eyes.  That girl has an inner-drive that I can't even comprehend.  I am so proud of her.