Saturday, March 12, 2011

Autumn Trees and Angels

Today was a nice, relaxing Saturday!  We went to the movies to see Beastly.  It was a pleasant and romantic little movie, although it didn't really offer anything fresh or innovative to the "Beauty and the Beast" stories of the past, plus some of the characterization was a little generic.  After the movie, we went out for Chinese food.  Between the cream-cheese wantons and all of that buttery popcorn I ate, I'm pretty much feeling like a plump chicken now (I'm not sure why "chicken" came'd think I would've gone with "cow" or something instead).

Once home, Clint and I pulled out our paints and spent the rest of the day painting.  He continued to work on the autumn tree project that he is making for his mom, and I worked on my desolate angel.  His painting still has several more sittings to go before it is finished, but once it is, I will definitely post a pic (or a link to a pic).  My angel is finished, although now I'm contemplating going back in and painting her other hand resting on her knee, since right now that hand/arm isn't visible.  Here she is:

I just realized I never posted my completed "Child's Play Tiger" on this blog.  Oh well, that one isn't one of my favorites anyway.  My next upcoming projects include a sort of fantasy-themed white tiger (just for the fun of it), a waterfall for Madi, a green and lavender fairy for my baby niece, and something for my sis, although I still have yet to figure out what I want to paint for her.  My mom now wants a small painting too.  It sounds like a lot, but since oil paint takes so long to dry, it's almost mandatory to have several projects going at once.  Thank goodness we have a large laundry room, since it has pretty much converged into a very odd-looking art studio.


  1. Very cool painting.

  2. My favorite so far. Although it is getting more and more difficult to pick a favorite when you keep cranking out gorgeous paintings.


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