Monday, March 28, 2011


Today was an awesome first day back to work, but coming off of spring break left me with only a few hours of sleep last night, so I'm feeling a little ragged right about now.  In lieu of writing, I'm going to post a video of a group I recently discovered, Apocalyptica. 

I love this group.  I guess they've been around for awhile, but I had never heard of them.  Matt and Alana mentioned them during our last small group, and now I'm hooked.  The cello was already one of my favorite (if not my favorite) instruments, but seeing these four put so much energy and emotion into something most people associate with classical music alone is something that really stirs me.  Plus I never imagined that Metallica's timeless pieces could be re-imagined in such a way.  It's rather beautiful.  I'm sure I'll be hunting down more of their pieces in the next few weeks and compiling all of my favorites makes for perfect painting music and sure beats Tchaikovsky and Beethoven (I had to google "Tchaikovsky" because I initially butchered the spelling.  I feel so sorry for little Tchai when he was a kindergartner trying to learn how to spell his name).   


  1. Glad you had a good first day back from break. I dragged ass for the whole week after spring break (last week). I was even sick one day, which sucked.

    Thanks for sharing the music! Matt loves Metallica, they're his absolute favorite, so I shared it with him and he really enjoyed it. It's somewhat reminiscent of Metallica S&M, which he and I both LOVE!

  2. I feel your pain...I've gone two days now with so very little sleep that it's a miracle I'm able to write without sounding drunk right now. Or maybe I do sound drunk but am just too tired to notice.

    Glad you and Matt enjoyed the video! I never cared for Metallica's really heavy stuff as a teen, but I always loved their ballad-type music. "Unforgiven" is definitely one of my favorites!


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