Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weeping Fairy

This was a completely unexpected project.  I pulled out all of my paints today so that I could continue working on the tiger for Trin's room, but when I began, I quickly realized that the previous black sketch I had applied was still wet.  I was feeling bummed because I really wanted to paint something, and that's when Trin said "I love your fairy sketch, Mom."  I was so confused.  What fairy sketch?  And then I saw what she was pointing to.  I had sketched out a fairy about a month ago inside a pad of canvas paper, but I got frustrated with the complexities of it and decided to go back to painting flowers and trees.  Once I looked at the sketch again today though, I started thinking "Hey, maybe I can make this work."  So I started to paint it.  The above is my final product.  I've decided to name her "Out of Tears." 

On a somewhat related note, since this newfound art-interest doesn't seem to be fading, I decided to start an art blog to keep my paintings and related-prattling in one place.  I'm still going to show completed projects on this blog, but I'm going to use my art blog to display the different stages of unfinished projects, not to mention ramble on about what techniques I used or what new things I tried.  I have comments closed on that blog, because I don't want it to be yet another social networking burden on myself or anyone else.  I just want one set place to focus on art.  There are a few posts over on my other site right now, but it's a little deja vu, because I imported all of my "art"-labeled posts from this site to that one.  Oh yeah, I guess I should provide the link.  I named my new blog "Glazey".  Glazing is an art technique in which you apply a very thin pigment on top of a base color to create an entire new color (or to add shine)...something I have done with every single one of my paintings.  But I like how "glazey" reminds me of eyes being glazed over...the way I start to get when I've been painting for too long, or the way you probably get after reading long-winded entries such as this one.