Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Novel Featuring Charmin and Chimichangas

I require my students to read five chapters a week from a grade-level novel of their choice and keep track of what they have read on a reading log.  The reading log also requires them to write a sentence or two summarizing each chapter.  Here is what Alexis' reading log said:

Chapter:   What was this chapter about?
I read the Stater Bro's newspaper, and I found out that artichokes are two for $4 and chimichangas are two for $1.  I also learned that Charmin Ultrasoft is $6.99 on sale.  P.S. Bounty is $6.99 too!
Okay, I'll admit that I gave her a 100% on the assignment for making me laugh.  But I did warn her that her future reading endeavors needed to involve actual novels, with chapters and stuff.  I'm not sure how well the message was received though...this IS the same Alexis who thought a good antonym for the word "session" was "bouncy ball."


  1. OMG, I am dying here! That is SO funny! She sounds adorable.


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