Friday, January 21, 2011

Un-longwinded Entry that's a Little Long

I don't have much to talk about tonight, which almost deterred me from writing a post, but then I reminded myself that it's okay to write a short un-longwinded entry once in awhile.

This week was busy but uneventful.  Work has been really good.  My students are getting increasingly more talkative as the year progresses, but they also make me laugh more than ever.  Here are a few quotes from this week (yes, I actually scratched them down real fast right after they were spoken):

Alexis:  "I can't figure out an antonym for the word 'session'.  A synonym would be 'meeting', but what would the opposite be?"
Me:  'Session' doesn't have a true antonym.  So just come up with a word of something that is NOT a session." 
Alexis:  "Okay!  How about 'bouncy ball'?"

Me:  "Why aren't you working?"
Robert:  "I don't have a pencil."
Me:  "Borrow a pencil."
Robert:  "I can't.  I have sharp-stuff-a-phobia."

Robert (two days later, stated to another student):  "I'm not completely useless.  Just mostly useless."

The end of Gavin's story (written on paper):  "So then the little red hen poisoned the bread, I ate it, and died.  This is actually my ghost writing this story cuz it's still really pissed off."
Okay, I will admit that most of these quotes were only funny in the context by which they were said, one of those "you had to be there" sorta phenomenons, but I still had to write them down because at the time they had me laughing pretty hard. 

Last night I sketched out my next picture, which is going to be a sort of monochrome grayish flower with a splattering of brightly-colored dew drops.  I painted parts of the flower today, so I'm hoping to finish the rest tomorrow.  I'm just happy to do something that's not a tree.  I talked Clint into painting with me last week, and we were both surprised to discover that he's pretty decent at it!  He posted a picture of his first painting at his very neglected blog (I think he's averaging one post a year).   Of course he also mentioned in this entry how messy I am while painting, so feel free to glance at the picture whilst ignoring all the words (whilst?  I must have picked that up from Kristyn; she always uses those impressive, Britishy words).

The only other thing I have to report is that I have been having strange dreams again this week.  One of them was so strange and detailed that I actually wrote it into a short story (one that I will never share, of course).  The last two nights were more mild; Wednesday night I dreamt of three rocks, and Thursday night I dreamt of more rocks.  Try not to envy me too much for my exciting, riveting dreams.  ;-)  I'm not going to write down the details of any of them because I'm not in a dream analysis class like my sis, plus I probably haven't properly consulted my inner-old ancient self or whatever it is you need to psychoanalyze, but I did want to mention it.

Another long-winded "short" entry, dang it.


  1. I looked it up for you... Here's the link Of course it could be completely unaccurate.

  2. Clint's painting came out really nice, seems like you both have a knack for painting! I, on the other hand, have no such thing. I did a paint by numbers and it came out HORRIBLE. I don't know that it's the same thing, but if so, I'd never be able to paint anything worth a darn.

    "Brishy words" lol. I don't think I ever noticed that I use them!

    You dreaming of rocks sort of interests me, actually. I've been having a reoccurring dream since I was 5 years old about rocks. It's a long story, maybe I'll blog about it sometime. I'm definitely going to check out that link above!

  3. Your classroom quotes and conversations are so familiar! These middle school kids are....well...

    Mine are super talkative also. I don't think it's going to get better because experience has shown that my students begin their metamorphosis into 8th graders during semester 2 of 7th grade. They get pretty comfortable. Come on summer!

  4. Thanks for the link Jewls! I like the first meaning, but don't think it applies to me since in my dream it was actually a pile of rocks, and I was frantically searching through them, tossing them aside one by one because I couldn't find the "right" one (whatever that was).

    Kristyn, I'm laughing at your paint by numbers experience! I've never tried one of those before. They seem like one of those activities that would be harder than it looks. I gave a few more details about my rock dream above; sound anything like yours? You should write a post about it cuz now I'm curious.

    Mine are turning into ever-dreaded 8th graders too, Niecy. I thought the new seating chart would help since I strategically placed talkers with quiet students, but now the quiet students are noisy. Argghhhhh. Oh Summer, how I pine for thee.


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