Monday, January 3, 2011


We still have snow!  It snowed more overnight, and now we're sort of in limbo waiting for it to melt so we can get some errands done.  Normally I revel in snow days where you can just be lazy indoors, drinking hot chocolate and cuddling up with a good book.  But tomorrow we are supposed to be leaving for San Diego (we've already paid for our cabin), and today is the day we had set aside to run to Costco to get all of our food for the trip.  Instead, we're trapped at home feeling a little stir-crazy.  It's already 3:00, and there's still snow blanketing the roads outside.  With evening soon approaching, going into town today is looking more and more bleak. 

Guess I'll do some more laundry, pack, and hope that at the minimum, we can still leave for our trip tomorrow.  It's hard to feel too bummed out when it is so pristine and sparkly and pretty out there!  Ooh, speaking of snowy prettiness, this reminds me of that funny e-mail that went around a long time ago about that guy who moved to Buffalo, started out loving the snow, and wound up hating the stuff.  Remember that one?  I'll see if I can find that story online and post it on my next entry.

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