Saturday, January 29, 2011

Just another Week

I want to post something but really don't have much to talk about.  Work was pretty easy this week.  On Tuesday I had to go to a training with all of the other language arts teachers at my school.  I was feeling a little tired that day, which made it hard to concentrate during the lecture portions of the training, but it was still fun to hang out with my colleagues outside of our little middle-school holes (aka: classrooms).  The highlight of the whole day was lunch.  Niecy, I, and two other friends went to this little diamond-in-the-rough Thai restaurant that I had never eaten at before.  The food was delicious and the proportions were monstrous.  The rest of the week went by pretty smoothly, except for the fact that one student stole Axe Bodyspray from another student's backpack and then proceeded to spray it, which for reasons still unclear to me led to a bag of chips exploding all over my room.  Yesterday I took my students outside all day to do Socratic Seminar.  I love doing this with them.  It is amazing to see seventh-graders debating about topics with the sophistication of adults.  Plus it was gorgeous outside all day, so that was an added bonus.  Last night was the Celebration of Education, and I had planned to go and enjoy the festivities, not to mention save the surviving goldfish (again), but I ended up getting a stomach ache, plus a nearly crippling case of laziness, so I never went.  Now I really regret this.  It makes me cringe thinking about all of those fish being dumped down the drain.

Today I did laundry, cleaned my master bedroom (see, I told you I had nothing to write about), and finished painting my lily.  I don't really think it's a lily, but I don't know what kind of flower it is, and I'm tired of calling it "flower" because that's like calling a dog "dog" instead of "Brutis" or whatever its name is, so I'm going to go with lily.  I'll take a picture of it hopefully by tomorrow.  I'm waiting for it to finish drying so I can apply the varnish.

So my sister is writing this amazing, likely-to-be-published dissertation while she stuffs more kids into her house which is sliding down the mountain, and I'm folding laundry and painting a stupid lily.  Why does anyone read this blog again?


  1. Laughing at your sisters house "sliding down the mountain". Metaphor, I hope. :-D

  2. More like a hyperbole. ;-) Her house did move slightly, but only a quarter of an inch.

  3. They read your blog because it is so flippin' adorable! Mine is like, "Today I did this. And after I did this, I did that. And tomorrow, I plan to do something else." Yours is SO colorful and entertaining!
    Thanks for your compliments on my dissertation! Just a thought: Do you think my house is sliding down the mountain BECAUSE of the extra kid???

  4. Haha Shan, that sounds exactly like my blog! I bet you can find those exact words in just about any given post. Well, assuming all of those "this-es" and "thats" and "something elses" are placeholders for real important stuff. ;-)

    I don't know...that extra kid just might have been the straw that broke your poor house's back...


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