Monday, January 17, 2011

Cherry Blossom Branch

Painting #2 is finished!  This one was much more challenging than the last one, because I actually had to paint each individual leaf, rather than smashing my paintbrush into satisfying, abstract blobs.  Also, the last painting was a silhouette of a tree, which meant that I was able to use one solid color for the trunk and branches.  This one I had to use several different colors. 

There were some oddities about this picture that kind of appealed to me, which is why I chose it.  Like the fact that the sky appears upside-down.  Generally skies fade to an almost-white the closer they creep toward the horizon, but this particular sky is behaving backwards.  Also, I liked the fact that this particular graphic focused on merely one struggling branch, rather than the whole tree.  I think I'll do one or two more practice paintings and then try out a canvas.  Eeeek.

I had such a nice weekend!  But I don't have time to talk about it because I'm getting ready to eat an omelet.


  1. Two things. First, very nice work!! Did you use oils again, or go to acrylics? Second, I want an omelet!

  2. Very cool. You have talent, which is not a surprise at all. I love this one.

  3. I'll take another omelet too, Kristyn. And a chocolate Costco muffin, just because that sounds good too. :-) I decided to stick with the oils, even though they're more finicky. Something about using oils just makes me feel more nostalgic...maybe it's because all of the paintings you see in museums are "oil on canvas" (you never see "acrylic on canvas"). The fact that it takes oils a long time to dry can be a benefit when you consider that it gives you more time for blending, etc. Plus acrylics can have the tendency to darken slightly as they dry (I finally did a little research), which is something you have to compensate for when painting with them.

    Thanks Niecy! In person you can see that it has a lot of mistakes, but I am still really happy with the way it came out and am already excited for my next project (which is NOT going to be a tree).

  4. I want a painting AND an omelette. :)

  5. Are there two different ways to spell "omelet"?


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