Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Last Minute Christmas Cards

I have to post something else today, or once again I'm stuck with moodiness on the top of my screen.

Here is our Christmas card for 2010!  That statement is followed by an exclamation mark only because, for awhile there, I didn't think I'd be able to pull one off for this year.  I usually have our Christmas cards mailed out toward the beginning of December, but with Master's Comps and other added pressures, it just didn't happen.  Yesterday I woke up feeling hell-bent that I was going to make these damn cards and they were going to be in today's mail, in the same way that my sister woke up feeling hell-bent on crocheting a stupid pot-holder for no apparent reason.  ;-)  At this rate, I'll be lucky if these cards reach their destinations by Christmas Eve, but better late than never and it STILL friggen' counts.  Like last year's, I put the card together on a PowerPoint slide, using background images that I found from Google.  I saved the final product as a JPEG and sent it to Costco for print.  I will forever love the teacher who taught me how to use PowerPoint for stuff other than presentations.  Photo cards cost about $1.50 each when you use the pre-fabricated templates from the machines; these ones cost me .39 cents each.

I'm supposed to be finishing my Grandpa's scrapbook today, but I'm having a hard time finding the motivation.  I just want to read a good book, eat some nachos, and pet the cat.  Tricky since I don't have a book to read, I have no nachos, and the cat doesn't like me right now.  I guess I'll get back to the joyous world of cutting out photos and gluing them to stuff.