Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Mom's Gravy and Knott's

This is going to be a short post because I need to go work out and then go eat some tacos.  Earlier this week, we had a Thanksgiving-themed small group at our house.  It was my and Clint's very first time cooking a turkey, so that's one way-overdue milestone that we can officially cross off our list.  Clint pretty much took over with the turkey preparations though, so honestly I didn't contribute much.  But I did make homemade country gravy for the first time ever, without using a recipe.  I just remember as a kid, my mom used to make white gravy by combining turkey drippings with milk, flour, and black pepper.  I tried to follow this "memory" recipe as best as I could, but once finished, the gravy tasted a little plain.  That's when I remembered that Mom sometimes used to add a dash of Tabasco sauce into the gravy to give it a kick.  We didn't have any Tabasco, so I sprinkled some hot chili juice in it instead.  After that, it tasted good.  I do realize I'm going on and on about the gravy, but I am not exactly a Chef Ramsey, so making anything that is somewhat palatable is always a thrill.  Clint's turkey came out juicy and delicious, and with the food brought by everyone else, it was a great meal.  Once we were all seated at the table, Becky suggested that each person at the table share something that they were thankful for, to which we all loudly groaned.  But we did, and some of the things shared at that table actually made my eyes mist up a little because they were so touching.  That's the one thing I love about Becky; she is always the one to pull us out of our comfort zones, and ultimately, we're always glad we played along. 

Matt and Alana wound up staying until after 11:00 that night, and because I was still amped up when they left, I wound up not sleeping.  I'm all caught up on sleep now though, which is good, because this is my last very busy week of dealing with the Top Turkey competition before Thanksgiving break.  This Friday, I'm going on a field trip with our AVID students to Knott's Berry Farm.  We will be leaving for this trip after school at 3:00 p.m., and returning at 3:00 a.m.  I love amusement parks at night, so the hours actually excite me more than anything else, but I do wish I didn't have to get up at 6:00 that morning.  By the time we arrive back to my school's parking lot, I will have been up for 22 hours.  And this doesn't count the time that I may have to wait for stray students to get picked up by parents who have fallen asleep on their couches.  These logistics don't bother me too much though.  I'm still very excited.  I'm just going to pump my body up with caffeine all night.

So much for my short post.    


  1. My MIL makes us say what we're thankful for and it's always so awkward, saying what you think you have to say, rather than what you want. She also springs things like that on us at birthday, christmas, etc, asking questions like "what is your favorite [insert holiday] memory and why?" Very awkward, trying to come up with something on the spot. Not fun.

    Glad the turkey and gravy came out good! I can't wait for Thanksgiving this year, we're spending it with friends and it should be awesome!!

  2. I can't believe you pulled off the gravy! Good for you! I haven't done it yet...

  3. Stay out of the hotels and hotel resturants near there. We, ah'hm [clears throat] treat them.

    Crap, I'll be in Fallbrook that day. =(

  4. Kristyn, I think it would have been awkward if it were with extended family, but with this group, we can be 100% honest and not worry about saying "what sounds good." Plus we get really silly with each other, so the corny little traditions end up being lots of fun. The thing with your MIL sounds incredibly awkward. Just goes to show you that sometimes tradition is over-rated.

    Yep Shan, I pulled off the gravy! I was so proud of myself. Pitiful, I know.

    Uh oh Perry, we're going to a little restaurant that's about a block away from Knott's. I can't remember the name of it, but I think it's some sort of burger joint. Hopefully it's not one of the places you've treated. Actually, shouldn't I be hoping that it's one of the places you HAVE treated? LOL. Why Fallbrook? Are you working there that day?

  5. that I "have treated"? I would say no. Theoretically, yes. Resturant kitchen gets an infestation of roaches, you go in, treat it properly and it should be good. I've found that poorly paid employees of these places often live at home with infestations that they can't afford to have treated, so they bring them back in. Employee lockers, as I discovered, are execellent places to locate the infestation source. As the saying goes "you get what you pay for."

    No, I have to cover the orange county/ south LA county area sometimes which is right near the big amusement parks, and as I found out, Shan's school. If someone I know is near my route that day I don't mind popping in =)

  6. Gravy without a recipe is impressive!! I remember asking my mother how she made it and it is just an art you have to develop. I'll have to remember the Tabasco sauce trick. Mine always turns out bland.

  7. I must be some sort of gravy whisperer then, Melinda, because my first shot at gravy actually came out really yummy. I can't even cook pre-rolled biscuits without scorching them, but apparently I can cook gravy. Yay for Mom actually teaching me something useful. :)


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