Monday, October 11, 2010

With Halloween Approaching...

Last night we went out to dinner with Clint's parents, and Carey was telling me about a spooky incident that occurred in his hotel room a few weeks ago while he was at a conference.  While listening to his story, I believed everything he said, simply because he is a trustworthy man and not the sort to exaggerate.  Yet somehow, if this is even possible, I simply don't believe in ghosts (as mentioned in a previous post regarding my vibrating mattress).  I don't know where I get this scepticism from; my parents believe in ghosts.  Clint's parents believe in ghosts. Clint himself even believes in ghosts, although he has a different perspective on what ghosts actually are.  In fact, I think everyone around me believes in the paranormal to some degree. 

When I was about eight years old, I fell off my bunk bed during a nightmare, and when I opened my eyes, there was an apparition standing in my doorway, slowly waving its arms up and down as if it were trying to fly.  It was lipping words that I could not hear, but I could understand.  Even then, as a little girl, I wrote the whole incident off as some kind of optical illusion; an extension of the dream I had just been experiencing.  Never once did I actually think it was a ghost.  About ten years ago, I had another incident occur in which I saw "something," and this time, Clint saw it too.  But even when he tells the story to our friends, I write it off as something that must have a more logical explanation. 

Again, I don't know why I have such a conviction to doubt that which I evidently see with my own two eyes, whereas I insist on believing in That which I can never see.  Maybe a lot more rides on ignoring the former and believing the latter.  So much of what you believe is a choice, and I choose not to believe in ghosts.  I just do not see a purpose for putting my faith into that particular belief.  I do see the flaws in this theory, however.  For example, you can "choose" not to believe that fire is hot, but if you touch it, it's still going to burn.  But I feel relatively confident that I will never be scorched by the supernatural, so as of now, I am going to stick with my belief--or lack thereof.